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PokerStars has decided to make clean breasts and reveal its latest game. Promising to capture the fancy of its players, the Unfold is upon us. The company has definitely been quite successful in coming up with new and exciting ways to keep us entertained.

Unfolding Poker’s Most Exciting Aspects

As is the wont of PokerStars, only one client got the game – Denmark. However, a global rollout is planned for the weeks to follow. The Split Hold’em has been one of the most recent creative whims of PokerStars out on the market. The company is pushing ahead with the Unfold as well.

The Unfold is a brush up on the double-board hold’em experience. Even if you have ended up botching your cards, you may still continue to play in the new version introduced by PokerStars.

Now, for the most part, the game will behave as a regular Hold’em competition, however there is the added ante, which is variable. The amounts fluctuate between 60% and 100% of the overall big blind value. And each time the house collects the new ante, it goes straight to the so-called unfold pot

In essence the game introduces two separate prize pools which can be won every hand. If players manage to secure the main pot, the round doesn’t come to an end. The cards are dealt to see who wins the unfolded pot.

According to Stephen Bartley from PokerStars, the new game will improve the overall gaming experience in three distinct ways. First, it will make sure that players are stronger and that matters aren’t settled within the first few moments of dealing the cards.

The addition of a second pot will earnestly expand on the potential for noteworthy plays later on. Ultimately, Mr. Bartley estimates that the new iteration of poker will make the game immensely fun.

The Value of New Game Variations

New game variations are not the wanton idea of bored companies. They successfully capture and gauge public’s mood and then deliver on the majority’s desire to see the game change in a certain way. PokerStars has been making sure to spread the world through press releases.

Of course, releasing a game en masse without proper preparation would indeed run the risk of flopping miserably. This is why PokerStars have had a long experience with apprising themselves of what users and professionals want foremost to see in their games and tournament options.

Poker will not only spread as a game of skill. It will evolve – right in its very essence. And as it evolves, it will afford opportunities to new players to join the game.

As to Unfold, there are also situations where players will get refunded for their efforts, specifically for the antes that is allocated to the Unfold pot. If two players have folded their cards before the flop, this will be another qualifying criterion for the compensation in funds. Then again, ante compensations may be allocated if no players have decided to unfold their hands after the flop.
Ultimately, Unfold is a chance for a new crop of players to storm the world of high-tier plays!