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We have seen quite a bit of poker action in these past months. Now everyone is marking their calendars for the upcoming PokerStars WCOOP 2018. The date has been announced and this means that we will all enjoy the next instalment of awesome poker action as early as September 2 through September 17. With a number of events already planned, the tournament will definitely stand out from the previous editions.

A Look at the Schedule for WCOOP

We have taken a look at the schedule, putting together the list of the most noteworthy events this year, split into three categories, High, Mid, and Low.

  • Event #15 – Low – September 5 – $50,000 in guaranteed prize money
  • Event #55 – Low – September 16 – $1 million in total prize money
  • Event #4 – Mid – September 2 – $1 million as the guaranteed prize pool

Even though the noteworthy events in the Low and Medium are not as many, you will immediately notice that they are bringing some solid monetary incentive along. For the rest of the events we have selected (all high), you can refer to the following list:

  • Event #3 – September 2 – $1 million
  • Event #5 – September 2 – $500,000
  • Event #12 – September 4 – $1 million
  • Event #16 – September 5 – $1 million
  • Event #25 – September 8 – $250,000
  • Event #54 – September 15 – $750,000
  • Event #55 – September 16 – $10 million

The organizers have done an outstanding job of bringing around some juicy events that will in turn guarantee solid awards. According to the official press release, the total prize pool exceeds 70 million which is quite the noteworthy figure in its own right.

This is the effectively the biggest online tournament ever announced. The whole competition will feature 180 events and you will be able to buy in with as little as $2.20 to as much as $25,000.

Taking a broader view, the WCOOP university will be the strongest contributing factor to poker prize pool in September, but just by September 15, $120 million in prize money are expected to be won by pros both online and offline.

WCOOP the Growing Behemoth

PokerStars definitely have something to be proud of. Their event has been expanding. Let’s take a look a year earlier. The guaranteed prize pools were $60 million, but the total amount paid out easily reached $90 million, making the 2017 event a real furore!

A repeat of this scenario is of course expected. As comparison, the 2016 edition of WCOOP paid $77.8 million, the hosts have specified. The upward trend in the proceedings of WCOOP have been quite the emboldening news for online hosts and players alike!

There’s much money to be made in poker, and the popularity of PokerStars, managed by The Stars Group has been a contributing factor to that. The news of a brighter future of poker where millions can be made in a fortnight by simply playing from your bedroom is definitely refreshing. We are looking forward to the action itself.