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PokerStars have been experimenting with poker for a long while now. As we have previously reported, the website has been entirely committed to making the game more popular, but has also been championing its legal status across the United States and the world. Often, in its desire to create a more acceptable version of game, PokerStars have gone to some great lengths. Today, though, they are back to fix a mistake of the past announcing that the mulled Unfold Poker will no longer continue to be a thing.

Farewell, Unfold Poker

PokerStars Unfold has come to an end – or at least it’s about to. It started abruptly and nobody really expected the version, but it beat on nevertheless. What’s more, nobody really liked the version if we have to be perfectly honest. It was tried by professionals and rank-and-file players alike, but nobody really saw the joy of the game. Swallowing this bitter truth, one of the world’s leading portals has decided to phase out the game.

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now. Initially, there were reports that the game will be taken down on September 10, but when this didn’t happen, everyone wondered why. Some suspected that PokerStars might try something different this time, perhaps patching up a rule or two to make sure that the game will still be available, even if it not very loved.

Talking to Pokerfuse, a popular outlet delivering high-quality coverage on the game and the events that transpire around it, PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations Severin Rasset confirmed the news that the management have decided to, as he put it, “fold” the game for good. Unfold was preceeded by Split Hold’em in March.

The game itself didn’t merit much in the way of hatred, to be honest. It is simple enough in its own right. A player could pay to choose and unfold their cards if they thought the flop would allow them to benefit from that. However, the game didn’t take off with fans who saw in the iteration of the game not a chance to make poker more exciting, but rather – a way for PokerStars to bag somewhat bigger money. Whether this is true, though, remains anyone’s guess.

At Online Poker America, we think that the game definitely had an easy-going manner and those players who wanted to notch up a victory could do so – even at a bit of a price. Then again, the concerns brought up by other respected outlets were enough in their own right to merit our endorsement of the matter.

A Long Slow Goodbye

Just as a QOTSA song, Unfold is having its long slow goodbye right now. Rasset commented further for Pokerfuse, saying:

”PokerStars is invested in creating and testing products and new variants of poker to suit a variety of player tastes. While not every new development will be a home run, we will keep trialling, listening to player feedback and analysing engagement with our goal of continuing to offer fresh promotions, formats and updates that enhance our players’ experience and bring more people to the game.”

His stance clearly represents that of the operator and if anything – PokerStars deserve admiration for the readiness with which they drop titles that the community finds suspicious and unfit.