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Female presence in poker is quite palpable. Apparently, female players make just as much of dab hands at crunching numbers and calling bluffs. After reporting on Maria Konnikova’s heady conquering of the echelons of poker, we take a look at Victoria Coren-Mitchell who is returning to the scene.

Prior to disappearing from large-scale competitions, Ms Coren-Mitchell was a regular at all events commanding a respectable prize pool. With acumen and prescience, she managed to amass over $2.47 million during her live clashes with fellow players.

Leader from the Onset

Ms Coren-Mitchell managed to clinch the first place at the EPT NLHE competition in San Remo held in April 2014. She then disappeared for nearly a year. By the time she had made returned, the rules had been changed. The shot clock was introduced and at the time of her first tournament, Ms Coren-Mitchell eve joked that she had been away from the game so long, that she had forgotten the rules. An observation that was partially true.

With the introduction of a shot clock, for example, the game was profoundly transformed leaving players 30 seconds to take and act on a decision. Ms Coren-Mitchell has been mildly critical of the changes, arguing that it catered too readily to short tempers and impatient players whereas poker tends to be a “slow, crafty game.”

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Ms Coren-Mitchell also highlighted that the introduction of a shot clock, will in all likelihood favor younger professionals who have grown accustomed to this style of play whereas old-timers may struggle to adapt age-old habits into a viable model for the new format.

Of course, adding a cap on poker games in terms of separate rounds all seemed a viable way to address the massive time sink some mainstream tournaments turn out to be. Conversely, some perceived it as part of the psychological war that was going underneath the emotionless faces.

Experiencing the shot clock for a while may have been a bit of a surprise, but Ms Coren-Mitchell seems to appreciate the addition of the contraption immensely. The world of poker has found a way to actually stay on point with the game while reducing contentious practices.

Remembered for San Remo

The San Remo victory is certainly what has reaffirmed her status as a prescient player. But Ms Coren-Mitchell is now on a new journey to reconquer the summits of the competitive poker scene. Her enthusiasm is refreshing and it may very well lead her to compete alongside the best.

Having returned to Twitter as well, it would be far more easy to follow her exploits and to see how her career transpire henceforth. Many expect her to retain her cheerfulness, blunt and straightforward of expressing herself, and overall her visceral grasp of poker.
Poker is rich in its female stars who are on equal terms with their male counterparts. Whether it is because of their natural prowess or just the fact that there are fewer ladies in poker, they all seem to be daunting opponents, and Ms Coren-Mitchell is no exception.