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Over the course of the past year, PartyPoker has been working on adding new updates and functionality to its software. Its latest addition is Run It Twice, which allows players to see two sets of community cards in order to create a more exciting experience.

Run It Twice will be triggered when there are two or more players all-in. All players who want to “run it twice” will have to activate the feature and, if everyone left in the hand does so, then the feature will be launched.

After this, two flops, turns and rivers will be dealt. Each board is worth half of the pot, and it can be won by either two players or a single player.

Running it twice is a fun addition to the online poker experience at PartyPoker. It will be available immediately so, if you’re a member of this site, you should give it a try.  

Bringing PartyPoker Up to Date

While this is a new and interesting development from PartyPoker, it’s not the first time that any online poker site has launched a run it twice feature. PokerStars has provided players with a run it twice option for several years now, which means that PartyPoker is really only just starting to catch up.

“I think people are thankful for this improvement. But, people are like, come on, hurry up,” says Rob Yong, an ambassador for PartyPoker. “Let’s assume PokerStars is 10/10 as a benchmark. I would have benchmarked PartyPoker’s software as like 2/10. Rubbish. Now I look at it, and I feel it’s at 5.5”.

These might seem like harsh words, but Yong is right. PartyPoker is a great brand but its software does lack features that are available on other top poker sites. So, this is likely one of many steps that PartyPoker will be taking to bring itself up to date with some of the other top online poker operators on the web.

We’re looking forward to more new developments from PartyPoker in the new year. The company appears to be working hard to provide players with even more exciting and innovative features, and there are sure to be plenty more interesting new gameplay options in the future.