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It’s no secret that New York is trying its best in order to include online gambling in the state. In fact, for the third straight year, the state attempted to include online gambling only to fail again.

New York has been interested in making iGaming legal. This means that it would include not only online poker sites but also legalize sports betting as well. However, mainly because of the lack of support by legislators and the complicated regulatory landscape within New York, things are quite difficult for the Empire State.

In the last two years, online gambling only received partial backing that made the entire thing fail. Though there are standalone efforts, these didn’t become significant to make any changes in the state.

iGaming Scrapped From the NY Budget

The state was able to come up with a budget in order to beat the deadline last Sunday. Though Senate already included the likes of online poker and sports betting in its version of the budget, both the Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have a different opinion regarding the matter and believe that it doesn’t have a place there.

However, let’s keep in mind that the attempt by the Senate is a long shot. Passing regulations in this manner is something that will most likely fail.

It seems that on the Assembly, it was Gary Pretlow who was actually the wild-card. Pretlow is the chair of the Committee on Racing and Wagering. This means that he is the gatekeeper for anything that is related to the legislation. And even if you can consider him pro-iGaming himself with the measures that he also introduced, nothing has advanced enough from his committee.

If you will look at the support on iGaming in the Senate, there are already several standalone bills that pertain to online gambling. It has included online poker for three years already.

It is true that though there is support for online gambling, it is simply not there yet to the point that it can shake legislature. Failing twice in a row already, this only means that iGaming and sports betting needs more support.

The Battle to Legalize Sports Betting

Though New York failed to legalize online poker, there is still a chance that sports betting could actually become legal for all the states. There is an upcoming US Supreme Court ruling. And if things favor the New Jersey sports betting case, this could actually open up an opportunity for New York and other states to have sports gambling.

New York is likely going to lead the change towards relaxing federal prohibition on sports gambling. Though a lot seems pessimistic when it comes to online poker and other forms of iGaming, when it comes to sports betting, things are quite the opposite. There has already been a law, though there is so much more work that needs to be done in order to ensure that stakeholders are happy.

What could be the future of online gambling including online poker? Will Sports Betting be the first one to become legalized in New York given the recent events?