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Online Poker in Deep Freeze as NY Focuses on Sports Betting

On Wednesday, a widely viewed and anticipated hearing that was focused on the future of sports betting in New York went down. At the hearing, the stakeholders explicitly discussed whether or not to authorize mobile betting on sporting activities in the near future. With the state’s sports betting already on tap, the lawmakers have now […]

New York Online Poker on the Sidelines Thanks to Study Bill

New Yorkers who looking forward to online poker being legalized in the state might be waiting even longer thanks to a new bill that seeks to study the effects of gambling. A00591, the bill in question, is seeking to “commission a statewide evaluation regarding the extent of gambling by New York state residents.” One of […]

New York Police Arrests 32 in Poker Room Bust

Amid the talk of poker events and players dropping one career path to join poker, we have passed up on some of the routine stuff. Well, no more! On Friday, New York City authorities announced that they had arrested a number of individuals that were running private and all in all – illegal poker meet-ups. […]

The Four States to See Their Online Poker Soon

Amid all of these changes in regulation you have been hearing about, you must certainly be asking yourself: where can I play poker for a fact in the US online. It’s a good question and one that merits answering. Well, Pennsylvania managed to pass its own act legalizing online poker in October 2017, joining other […]

Is Online Poker Becoming a Reality in New York?

Online poker legalization in the US is a big deal. Currently, most states don’t allow online poker. There was even recent news that New York State Senate didn’t include in their budget the allocation for online gambling or poker. But just when everyone thought that things are over, it wasn’t exactly the case. Just when […]

New York’s Online Poker and Sports Betting Legal Efforts

It’s no secret that New York is trying its best in order to include online gambling in the state. In fact, for the third straight year, the state attempted to include online gambling only to fail again. New York has been interested in making iGaming legal. This means that it would include not only online […]

Pennsylvania iGaming and New York’s Online Poker Measures

There are plans by Pennsylvania to open up licensing period for their casinos. Right after passing the gambling legislation last year, that made Pennsylvania the fourth state to do so, the state is now ready to launch 2018 with a bang. The PA Gaming Control Board has announced that casinos can already start applying for […]

Online Poker and Sports Gambling in New York

Poker and sports betting has been synonymous with each other for years. And why not? Online poker and sports betting are both fun and exciting. For a lot of people, getting online poker legalized together with sports betting in New York is definitely a dream come true. For online poker, there is already a bill […]