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Renowned social gaming company, Cafrino has recently announced that it will be merging the 1.5 million online poker players from two of its online poker platforms, that is, Cafrino and the National League of Poker (NLOP). The new integrated platform will now be operating under the National League of Poker’s banner at

The merger, which is expected to take place within the fourth quarter of 2018 is perhaps that biggest change that the company has made to its platforms since it acquired the National League of Poker in 2017. According to the Michael Murphy, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, the platform merger is the next stage in the evolution the company’s gaming business.

“We’ve been planning this consolidation since we acquired NLOP. With this step, we are able to focus our resources on a single player experience and take our cash-award business model to the next level.” Murphy explained. “This includes the consolidation of development teams, additional product enhancements, better customer support, and a larger prize pool. Not to mention the impact of more marketing resources focused on a single product.”

This merger will further be a significant upgrade for Cafrino’s customers as they will now be able to access the services of the National League of Poker which is considered to be one of the best and longest running free-to-play online poker platforms in existence.

“Cafrino players will enjoy all the benefits of the robust platform, with the additional benefit of carrying over their chips, as well as any prize money in their Cafrino wallet. The instant cash out system will also allow Cafrino players to automatically withdraw any funds directly to their PayPal accounts,” the chief executive commented on some of the things players can expect.

Is Another Boost in Revenue Expected?

One of the key milestones that Cafrino achieved in 2017 was the acquisition of the National League of Poker in July. As it turns out, this was a good move for the company as it went on to record significant improvements in 2017 as compared with the revenue figures in 2016. These include a 125 percent increase in revenue, a 100 percent increase in the total prize pool as a 300 percent increase in the number of Daily Active Users. As highlighted by its poker products, the company dealt a whopping 130 million poker hands in 2017 up from just 17 million in 2016.

“We’ve only begun to scratch the surface,” said Murphy. “We’re working hard to make our products the most fun and challenging games available to players. Our primary goal with NLOP was to increase profitability as quickly as possible, while also adding value for the player. That happened much sooner than expected, allowing us the ability to take some time to look farther into the future.”

Cafrino is still eyeing an even stronger performance in 2018, and the merger might just what it needs to achieve this goal. This will indeed have a positive impact on the online poker industry that is already picking momentum.