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The Microgaming Poker Network has been a huge hit with players and the websites that run on it, including 32Red and a handful of other poker rooms that have definitely been a rather distinct hit with players from the world over. All in all, the number of operators is well over 20 and the total amount of cash that is divvied up between players is indeed quite promising.

On Your Feet for the Prima

Microgaming CEO Alex Scott has been teasing out the introduction of a new poker platform that will introduce tempting changes to the overall poker offer. And the changes are indeed upon us. Enter Prima – Microgaming’s streamlined vision of the future of poker online.

Microgaming’s new product may indeed appear as a throwback to the hallowed earlier versions of the platform. Back in May, Mr. Scott did hint that he missed the time when things were simpler. Since the huge online revolution has seen thousands of operators open doors, but only a few hold their head above the water, Scott has been cognizant of the challenges the industry entails.

Synchronizing across multiple devices has never been easy, not least of all completely secure without thousands of hours going into the safety of players. Plus, enhancing security has always been a byword of any advancement a company has been known to make when brushing up on their client.

A Look at the Jewel

With the underpinning modular technology and drawing on the well-curated Microgaming codebase, the new client is here to bring players from varied markets closer together. The changes are as much to the source code as they are to the actual visuals.

Ultra-high-definition graphics and unprecedented speed of the overall offer all bode well for the company’s popularity in future. The roll-out was three-fold with activities taking place on July 20 through 31. Customers in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Latvia, and Estonia had to use country-specific websites to play because of regulations.

Both the pre-roll-out and post-roll-out were accompanied by strong social media presence of Alex Scott who continually touted the benefits of the new platform.

Another great marketing strategy enacted by the company has been their openness about the launch of the product. Users could report any problems they have experienced and get an answer in real time, or at least make sure that they are pooling their concerns with other players, which in turn caught the eye of MGN.

Poker in the Age of AG and VR

Nothing suggests that Microgaming has geared its platform for the oncoming and expected AG/VR poker revolution. Still, that’s explained by the platform’s need to address other pressing problems, including legislation, which is no small issue for the majority of companies out there.
Delivering products in contested markets or failing to comply with local regulations can backfire and set back any innovation a company is attempting to spearhead. Treading carefully is always a byword for success. And sooner or later, AG and VR solutions will come. All in due time, though.