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Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Online Poker America returns with news from the nippy North where we have a winner, I repeat – we have a winner. Ivan Leow has won the Triton Poker Super High Roller for a total of $1,134,000 and that’s quite the feat we should think.
In any event, Mr. Leow comes in the wake of that of Mr. Hata. Here’s the details!

Triton Poker High Roller – Plump Pickings

And so, the second Triton Poker High Roller has been done and dusted as is our wont to say. The event is part of the 2018 PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia festival, which is held at the Sochi Casino and Resort. And now, we have crowned our champ. Mr. Leow who managed to fight through 30-odd contenders and deliver himself the grand prize.

The competition was truly promising and quite the spectacle to behold. Overall, 20 people fought hard whilst 9 others decided to pay their way back in, swelling the pot to $2.6 million. But they were all of them deceived if they expected to tackle Mr. Leow who already had one title form a Triton Poker to his name.

And Mr. Leow stood his ground and his opponents broke against him like waves against the shore. Mr. Leow had a rather tough spell at the previous night when he was also a leader for the RUB3 million High Roller event, but his fortunes quickly diminished when he lost his advantage and was reduced to a marginal and feeble player.

Be that as it may, Mr. Leow returned at the other High Roller table quite determined to shed some cash and more importantly – win back all he had staked. And he couldn’t have been more right in this judgement call.

A Triton Master on the Cards

Say what you will, Mr. Leow is already 36 and sports a handful of titles to his name. He made an appearance during the Jeju Triton Poker Series where he fought in the High Roller $500,000 Short Deck Ante-Only tournament.

Not only was Mr. Leow a winner, he was also recognized by his peers and his countrymen, which was a testimony to his qualities as an accomplished player and someone whom should be respected.

Mr. Leow managed well. Abraham Passet managed to finish second with $740,880 to his name. He was followed by Wai Leong Chan who clinched $472,500, and finally $283,500 went to Manig Loeser.

Triton Series – A Moveable Feast

The Triton Series have been quite the moveable feast. With a clear global reach, the event has been adding contesters and consolidating the standing of the champions, proving that it takes more than a mere luck to overcome.

Notably, Passet did put a fair fight against Leow but his efforts were not enough to dethrone the latter from his leadership position. The game finished clearly in the way of Leow who added a second title and the staggering $1,110,000 million to his name.

More action is to follow and Leow doesn’t seem to give up on the idea of dominating poker tournaments.