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The big news from the world of poker continue and today we find out that Aymon Hata has managed to fly into Sochi, Russia and take down the competition in the Triton Poker High Roller tournament hosted by PartyPoker.

From Russia with Love

The 2018 PartyPoker Live Millions pow-wow has concluded at the Sochi Casino and Resort. It has been an exciting few days, allowing many players a chance to shine and disappointing a few souls that they may clinch the staggering $756,000 prize pool.

Well, in the end it was only Aymon Hata who stood tall at the final table in the casino. He was crowned the Triton Super High Roller champ. His initial investment seemed to pay off quite well indeed, with $50,000 in a buy-in for the tournament.

And Mr Aymon Hata had quite a bit of competition to sort out. In his final moments at the tournament, it was either him or Vladimir Troyanovskiy. A known face in poker in the host country. Well, Mr. Troyanovskiy may not have managed to get the title to his name, but he did win $501,795, and that’s not a sum to be miffed about.

An Interesting Lineage

Mr Hata has interesting roots apart from being a world-class poker player. Born to a Scottish mother and of Japanese descent, he has spent the majority of his life in Germany where he was raised. Currently based in London, he is friends with high rollers from his adopted motherland.

The Triton Super High Roller event wasn’t the easier event Mr. Hata could have participated in. he met some heavy competition, including from the series’ founder Paul Phua who managed to finish fifth with $165,375.

Other competitors posed a significant threat too, notably Kostantin Uspenskii who ended up third with $354,375. Another pair of gamers were also there to challenge Mr. Hata, namely Patrik Antonius from Finland and Philipp Gruissem, a fellow German player.

And despite those slim odds, he performed brilliantly, outpacing his competitors and friends and managing it all the way to the final table. As for his future plans, Mr. Hata has said that he doesn’t intend to play every poker tournament out there. He explained that his priority and perhaps only intention for the time being is to participate in high rolling events.

Still, he would sit carefully to consider which ones are worth his while and those that he truly wants to be part of.

The Poker Action Continues

Freshly concluded, the tournament, poker is not letting-up in 2018. The WSOP main has been concluded, but the WTP championship is coming, including in regions such as India.

There has been a significant push from mainstream poker organizations to make the game assume even bigger promotions and has an international reach. The fact that poker is hitting Sochi and then India is big.

Japan is also expecting to welcome the game in the wake of its voted bill on the legalization of gambling activities and casinos in particular. Mr. Hata’s victory is important, but he has to start preparing for the next event – and who knows where that would be?