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Poker action is raging around Europe and beyond. The latest instalment is the upcoming PokerStars European Poker Tour which will hit Barcelona with the eponymous EPT event. With the latest tournament set to run from August 21 through September 2, it’s with excitement that the majority of fans and players are looking towards the final weeks of August. But if there has ever been good news, we will have what we’ve asked for just after the weekend.

The EPT Barcelona Upon Us

The EPT Barcelona will run several events that excite interest, including the €5,300 Main Event. More specific games will take place with the entries ranging between €1,000 and €2,500. One of the highlights of the EPT will be the high-roller competitions which can be bought into for €25,000 and $50,000 respectively.

And if fans ever found a €50,000 buy-in tournament rather drab to watch, then bear in mind that a €100,000 high-roller is going to also feature as part of the long list of neat games.

But far from dispiriting that the low high-roller event is only for the select few, you may as well have got yourself a Platinum Pass for the event, as PokerStars are in the habit of dishing out respectable incentives these days.

And speaking of high rollers, we can hardly fail to mention PokerStars’ professional Igor Kurganov who managed to win the largest buy-in tournament out there. His high-rolling successes, though, have been plentiful.

Two Weeks of Excellent Plays

The tournament schedule is indeed quite diverse. The more interesting events are normally the more expensive ones with the cheapest of those being the €1,100 EPT National, which will be held from August 22 through August 26.

The Main Event itself will hit on August 27 and carry on until September 2. But before getting down to that, we will get a taste of what the high-rollers have been doing. The $100,000 EPT Super High Roller will not be deferred at all. You will be able to witness the high-stake action prior to the Main Event, as the High Roller will be on from August 25 through August 27.

The prize pools for the Main Event have also been crying substantially and they are a far cry from their initial 2004 numbers. On average, a champion coming out victorious of EPT Barcelona’s Main could expect nearly $1 million in cash outs. More interestingly, there hasn’t been one and the same winner of a Main Event since the event was inaugurated.

Checking on the High Rollers

Men and women of the hour, high rollers are the sort of players that are not afraid to stake big money. With nerves of steel we will see a handful of participants battle for various events with different payouts. Another event besides the ones we mentioned, though, could be considered the €10,300 EPT High Roller, which will also excite interest.

Meanwhile, you definitely haven’t got to worry about missing out on any of the action. Overall, there will be 50-odd events put down on the schedule for you to enjoy each day. Hours of fun and intense poker play lie ahead and judging by the amount of preparation that went into the competition, it will all be worth it.