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Bernard Lee has managed to add another gold ring to his name, topping the competition at a WSOP Circuit. Mr. Lee stormed the action at the Harvey’s Lake Tahoe leg of the race only to walk away with a new trophy.

Bernard Lee Wins Second WSOP Circuit Gold Ring

Established professional poker commentator and player Bernard Lee had two weeks of intense preparation for the upcoming game action. Having spent time talking to players who had won the distinctions themselves, as part of his Bernard Lee Poker Show, Mr. Lee made a strong appearance in Lake Tahoe where he tried to get his own chunk of gold.

Mr. Lee’s career goes back years. As early as 2005, he made a strong showing during the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, finishing 13th and earning $400,000. With his live earnings now soaring past $2.35 million he definitely has a lot to be happy about.

Joining Event #3: $400 NLH Single Day was successful for Mr. Lee who finally obtained the desired gold ring and made a quick buck, adding $11,500 to his name.

His success was the result of prolonged battle with fellow players and tough opponents. After his efforts to tackle participants in the first two events did not come to a meaningful end, Mr. Lee then decided to try his luck yet another time. His determination seemed to pay off, as he managed to outpace 124 rivals and win the coveted distinction.

Final Placement in Event #3

The final table gathered 9 US players of particular merit. They have been known faces around WSOP Circuits. Mr. Lee topped the charts with his $11,500-odd in new earnings. He was followed by Paul Miller who came in second with $7,082 in winnings.

Further down the list we had Michael Tomaselli who won $5,112 out of the race, and he was trailed by Kevin Davis from Louisville, who landed $3,760. Mark Threadgill ended fifth with $2,808, and he was followed by Oregon player Jacob Dahl with $2,135.

The rear was brought by Paul Zedo in seventh place with $1,650 to his name, Joseph Mussat winning $1,296, and Joe Grew adding $1,035.

With a crop of 268 players, Event #1 also appeared to be a desired part of the overall race. The $250 buy-in NLH Re-Entry was indeed more popular than the Event where Mr. Lee performed at his best.

With a successful weekend wrapped up, the WSOPC Harvey’s Lake Tahoe will return next weekend and it will come with a number of interesting and high-paying events. The buy-ins will range between $400 and $1,700 for the Main Event, which will come with a heftier prize pool.

The Wold Series of Poker Circuits (WSOPC) are dedicated events that try and focus on exciting local competitions throughout the United States. This way grassroots poker can develop while allowing a chance for local poker players to participate for larger sums of money and pursue a career in poker.

Naturally, the events are opened to anyone who wishes to sign up and take a chance at the gold rings. WSOPC is exclusively a merit-based tournament host.