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Elio Fox has been making a name for himself in 2018. Perhaps he is not the most prominent player out there right now, but he’s one that has amassed solid riches out of playing live action poker games. Mr. Fox’s commitment has led him down a path to yet another victory and that is itself quite the achievement. Enter the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $50,000 Super High Roller event.

Boy, if you think that’s a mouthful to say and that the entry fee is a bit too steep, wait for the reward – the $500,000 prize money have definitely been tempting for quite a few people. And Mr. Fox has been rocking a solid track record this year. Official numbers put his overall earnings at $4 million in cash money.

Not Alone, Not Uncontested

Elio Fox’s talent and sophistication in the game of poker showed during the event. But he still had to fend off a crop of committed and distinguished players. He was challenged by Dan Shak from the USA who finished second with $305,000. Other contenders weren’t as lucky though and then ended up filling up the other 3 available spots, getting between $100,000 and $190,000.

The final table, though was quite breathtaking. Fox had his stack of chips swelling to new heights in front of him quite easily and simply. So, he played against Taylor Black shoving him clear out of the race.

Sam Soverel, another contender didn’t do so well, failing to keep his head above the water and that led to a final table where only six players were left. Bryn Kenney was on the verge of losing it all and a few hands later he did, reducing the overall count of players to just five. Now everybody new – they would be able to offset their entry-stake. The question remained – By how much? All courtesy of Giuseppe ladisernia who disposed of Mr. Kenney. And the high rolling conitnued.

Dan Shak had a brief moment where he fought off Hunichen, but he couldn’t quite overcome him and so he lost. Ali Imsirovic was actually doing pretty well at one point in the first day. He held the chip lead and was carefully calculating his moves, but following a few quick defeats he lost that advantage.

It’s quite normal for poker to see that happen though, the short-stack becoming the leader and vice versa.

Day 2 Wraps the Action Up

It’s worth mentioning that Mr. Fox has not always been on the top of the high rollers, though. The final action of Day 2 started with Shak and Fox who were neck-and-neck for the first spot. Iadisernia was behind them with 37 big blinds, which meant he had little chance of actually bettering his odds during the competition.

And he was right. Fox and Shak were left to battle it all on their own, but only one proved to have what it takes to clear the table in his own favor. With his latest win, the total winnings of Mr. Fox from poker this year hover around $4 million. And that’s one of the most respectable records out there.