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PokerStars continues to dish out Platinum Passes for its upcoming PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship that will be held in the Bahamas in January, 2019. Apart from the European winners, there have been two new names to win the desired Platinum Pass in recent days.

Platinum Pass and $30,000 for the Bahamas

The Platinum Pass has become the main focus for many players. Signing up for specific tournaments to challenge hundreds and sometimes thousands of entrants, the top crop of players have been competing fiercely to obtain the $30,000 Pass. In itself, the Platinum Pass would allow them to attend the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship event that is taking place early next year on The Bahamas.

Covering the $25,000 buy-in and securing travel fare and hotel charges, the Platinum Pass comes as a well-rounded bonus package that has already been handed out on several occasions both in the United States and in Europe. So, what happened over the weekend and who managed to win what?

Moneymaker PSPC Tour – An Ambassador’s Generosity

Not so long ago, PokerStars has announced that it was handing out passes to its ambassadors who in turn had to come up with ways to distribute them. The Moneymaker PSPC Tour has been one such way. The most recent edition was held at Seminole Hard Rock Florida and it had a solid turnout with players turning by the hundreds.

During the event the limelight was on John Mokhtari who made it in Day 2 with only six big blinds and barely any concrete chances of winnings in the long-term. However, Mokhtari, including Chris Moneymaker himself, managed to carry on among the stiff competition.

And yet, the final four players decided to split the money and compete for the Platinum Pass as the most important spoils of the tournament. As the final card came down, Moneymaker congratulated Mokhtari.

John, You’re Going to The Bahamas

Such were the words of the tournament patron Moneymaker to the winner of the event. Mokhtari himself, aged 71, said that he had been expecting to win the event and join the players headed for the Bahamas. Meanwhile, the PSPC tour has another eight more stops between September 9 and October 23.

In Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open series, another player managed to secure himself the desired pass. Carlo Rodriguez managed to outpace the competition and grab $230,000 in the total prize cash as well as notching up the Platinum Pass.

Both Mokhtari and Rodriguez have something to be appreciative about. PokerStars have been putting a great importance by providing players of merit with opportunities to compete without forcing anyone to burn through their own funds. Meanwhile, Party Poker have also been stepping up their efforts to challenge PokerStars in terms of active events.

Back in Europe, though, the EPT Barcelona backed by PokerStars is still raging at full blast and we have already seen winners there claim the Platinum Pass and heading for The Bahamas next year. The world of high-tier poker is most enjoyable to behold.