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The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open has concluded on Tuesday in Florida and a handful of people left the place all the richer. The $5,250 buy-in was not a hush-hush affair, attracting solid interest from nearly 1,000 players who eagerly flocked to the SHRPO in pursuit of solid riches. And yet, it was only one player who got to walk away with the big money. Enter Brandon Eisen, the winner of the latest competitive SHRPO who managed to add $771,444 to his own bankroll.

Eisen’s Career and Latest Exploit

Mr. Eisen may not have been known around poker much prior to his respectable victory just recently. But if memory serves, he also managed to overcome most of his competitors back in 2014 when he participated at the Little One for One Drop. Despite the best of his efforts, though, the competition didn’t bring him a winner’s title and he had to settle for $283,895 in cash money for his third placing in the event.

Back to the SHRPO, though the overall competitors who made it to the final table were varied and known figures around poker:

  • Jeremy Ausmis – 2nd place
  • Stoyan Obreshkov – 3rd place
  • Ryan D’Angelo – 4th place
  • Adam Adler – 5th place
  • Ido Ashkenazi – 6th place
  • Jared Griener – 7th place
  • Joseph Cheong – 8th place
  • Marcos Exterkotter – 9th place

The participants divvied up respectable loots ranging from $77,132 to $771,444 for Mr. Eisen. The difference in the separate price pools wasn’t as pronounced bar in the case of the first three spots.

And if turn up was massive it was because of the total money promised to the best nine participants. Overall, the event had $3 million to spend on the winners and the sum had reverberated across the poker communities in the United States, with players flocking obediently. It so turns out that open events do have their appeal to poker players.

An Action Worth Taking a Look At

Mr. Eisen was not always ahead of the race. He was relegated to fourth place whilst Mr. Obreshkov and Mr. Exterkotter were battling it out, but even then, he faced strong opposition from Mr. D’Angelo and continued to slip down through the ranks.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obreshkov continued to build his stacks leaving others dubious whether they can catch up to him. But as this is poker, everyone kept their cool as the short stacks often become the chip leaders and vice versa.

Commenting on Mr. Obreshkov’s play, Mr. Eisen noted that the Bulgarian had put out an aggressive form of play which had everyone else on the fence. Mr. Obreshkov maintained a great playing style all throughout the event, Mr. Eisen noted, by keeping pressure on the whole table and leaving little wriggle room for alternatives. However, later down the road, Mr. Obreshkov used up all of his funds and had to leave.

The deciding moment was between Mr. Ausmus and Mr. Eisen who faced off in the final competition. In a sweeping victory, the latter amassed 30 million, leaving Mr. Ausmus with mere 6 million and hence that was his downfall. But even then, the game carried on for nearly 40 hands, which only goes to show how instrumental skill is this game.