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The Unibet Open has concluded and more things have transpired than we will be able to describe in the following pages. However, there were no surprises as to who the winner was. Anthony Vinokurov managed to do well in the €1,100 Main Event, managing to eat through the competition.

Day 3, Bucharest Open – The Tally

And so, he added the 2018 Bucharest Main Event title to his name, quite unapologetically at this. Meanwhile, we followed the progress of Carmen Zainescu who has been a known face on the poker scene, not least because of her Ladies Unibet Open victory in 2017. Day 3 was truly exciting and it brought around much needed action.

The pot had boiled down from 530-odd players with only 17 easing their way into the final day of the competition. Of course, this may be an overstatement, as the first two days had proven action-packed, leaving no chance for rookies, novices, and people with a bit of too much bad luck a chance to make it all the way to the finals.

Carmen Zainescu was the only lady to make it all the way through to the finals. She has been known to compete with all and sundry, not making much difference between male and female opponents. But apart from being the only lady present, she was also quite cheerful and overall a unifying figure. During the pre-final photo-op, she urged everyone to huddle together and felt quite unperturbed in the company of her fellow players.

It’s worth noting that Zainescu was also fending off quite a few of her fellow countrymen, including Florin Elisei.

In fact, everyone present was pretty relaxed, but that was the momentary relief of having actually made it into the final part of Day 3. Zainescu did have a great run at the final table, too, albeit her plays against a fellow countryman, Cosmin Cimpeanu, had proven somewhat uncharacteristically short-lived.

Zainescu lost to Cimpeanu and ended up third in the overall standing. Cimpeanu had the uneasy task, though to take on Mr. Anthony who had long been cited as the favorite. And he lost. But the victory of Mr. Anthony was rather qualified, too.

Good Vibes Across the Unibet Open

Overall, the Unibet Open was marked by good vibes all over. Even Daniel Chutrov, the Bulgarian who finished last, seemed to have had a good time and he was exquisitely polite to his fellow gamers, often trying to have a friendly chat on. Mr. Chutrov eliminated a fellow Polish competitor to set the final table, winning a rather close hand.

The overall standing was great. Anton Vinokurov came home with €103,000, followed by Cimpeanu with $64,050, and Carmen Zainescu with $44,170. The other two spots in the overall ranking were also dominated by Romanians, with Florin Elisei taking $32,720 and Adrian Ionescu making it out with $25,170.
The rest of the contenders took varied sums between $19,000 and $9,000. Overall the Unibet Open has been a success and the organizers will surely be bringing out more poker action.