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New Jersey is set to host yet another world-class online casino operator thanks to a recent bid by the UK-based Bet365 to expands its gaming services in the United States. Last week, the casino operator announced that it had acquired a 19,000-square-foot offices space at the Two Greentree Center in Marlton, New Jersey which further proves that the company is indeed serious about setting up shop in the United States.

Legal and regulated sports betting on the United States was almost non-existent before the May 2018 Supreme Court ruling that lifted the federal ban on sports betting. The states were therefore allowed to legalize sports betting at their own discretion and this meant that the authorities and genuine gaming operators could finally tap into the lucrative gaming market in the country. Naturally, the new market has since attracted a number of gaming operators from all corners of the globe with a good number of them being able to effectively roll out their services with varying degrees of success. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that Bet365 eventually took notice of the potential of the US gaming market.

Moreover, the gaming market in the United Kingdom has not been very kind to many gambling operators due to the increasing regulatory pressures in the country. Consequently, gaming operators such as Bet365 have since opted to venture into other gaming markets including the United States. Bet365’s expansion efforts brought it to New Jersey where, as required by state gambling laws, it partnered with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, a local gaming operator. It went further to apply for a Casino Service Industry Enterprise Licenses which it is set to receive in the very near future.

What Next?

Now that the company is inching closer and closer to an official launch in the United States, it is important for it to consider a number of issues that may impede its success key among them being the competitive atmosphere in the country. To succeed in the very competitive gambling market, Bet365 will certainly need to bring its A-game. Considering its great reputation in the European gambling market, it should not be long before the company figures out a way to tailor its products and services for the country’s gambling market.

After conquering New Jersey, hopefully, Bet365 has its sights set on the rest of the country with New York being at the top of its wish list. Well, as it stands, the Empire State is yet to effect suitable and favorable gambling regulations but when it does, Bet365 will be ready for it.