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And now the good news. Anatoly Filatov managed to top the competition during the PartyPoker Live Millions Main Event, taking on some serious rivals and clinching a victory at the Sochi Casino & Resort in Sochi, Russia. The 28-year-old was all smug about his victory having paid $5,000 to get nearly a million with his $900,000 in fresh winnings! With his composed play and somewhat upbeat attitude, Mr. Filatov went from a small-time entrant to the bane of the tables.

Filatov at the Ruler

And Mr. Filatov is perhaps one of the best possible choices for the winner’s spot. A PartyPoker ambassador himself, he outpaced the competition lightly and yet firmly. With a rather rich history of playing poker, Mr. Filatov is adored at both online and offline events. His stellar play makes him one of the notable players of our generation and he has a true passion for the game which leads to hours spent playing every day.

Even though his total earnings from live action may not be as serious as you may have hoped for at first, he is still quite happy to sport about $2.7 million in live poker earnings. His online winnings, though are nearly as much, which puts him well ahead of the majority of professionals.

As to the NLHE event itself, Mr. Filatov had to blast his way through 910-odd entries, overcoming a solid bulk of competitors. His final day appearance wasn’t great. As an eight-place entry, he definitely had to do some work to get the job done, and he did.

He had multiple encounters which saw him win and lose, and ultimately eliminate a player or two. Playing against fellow player Viktor Khodorenko, Mr. Filatov managed to send the former packing and $270,000 richer.

And while Mr. Filatov enjoyed the temporary lead, it didn’t last very long indeed. Gor Kazaryan, another astute professional managed to pry the leadership spot out of the hands of Mr. Filatov disposing of Andrey Malyshev. Mr. Malyshev left the table with $400,000 and the third spot. And now the limelight shifted on the remaining pair.

They battled it out with Mr. Kazaryan keeping the lead. After several exchanges though, the fortunes shifted and it was Mr. Filatov now taking the lead. Soon after, Mr. Kazaryan had to settle for the second spot and $585,000 in prize money.

Not an all too bad development all things considered.And Mr. Filatov continues to climb the world’s leader board.

PartyPoker’s Unending Carousal

PartyPoker has concluded a yet another successful event, which will be fondly remembered. The company has been making solid efforts in bolstering the overall exposure of the game worldwide.

With the events hosted by PartyPoker varying in terms of locations and the crowds they attract, it’s quite normal to see appreciation for them grow. But beyond that, PartyPoker’s real mission is to continually seek and improve the interest in the game itself.

Offering solid prize pools is one of the ways to have people interested. Pair that with a glitzy venue which offers all the comforts of an evening’s game of poker. The future of the game is promising indeed.