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Martin Jacobson, the 2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner is the latest addition to 888Poker’s outstanding roster of ambassadors. The poker pro’s new ambassadorial venture was officially announced during the festive period with the 888Poker management making it clear that the decision was a carefully thought out one as both parties have been collaborating for a while now. Their most recent partnership was during the World Series of Poker tournament in which Jacobson also participated and represented Team Sweden in their 8-Team Promo. However, one of the primary reasons for Jacobson’s decision to join the poker powerhouse is due to his interest in philanthropy which the deal with 888Poker also happens to facilitate.

The Swedish All-Time Live Tournament Money-Earner (20th All-Time, Global) joined the meta-charity Raising for Effective Giving (REG) as an ambassador in early 2017 – with 888Poker’s newly found philanthropic ventures Jacobson should find the ambassadorial role to be quite attractive.

Jacobson is one of the most benevolent celebrities in the world and he takes every available opportunity to improve the lives of people and their environments. After winning the WSOP Main Event, for instance, he donated a whopping $250,000 to animal charities that had been recommended by Animal Charity Evaluators, a meta-charity that incorporates the principles of effective altruism.

Last November, the 888Poker team added Vivian Saliba to the team and by including Jacobson in its roster will be very helpful to its outreach programs. By 2016, Jacobson was already a regular and familiar face in 888Live Events even though it was not yet official. His entry further came with a new slogan, that is, “Taking back the game” – this is a personal mission for Jacobos as he intends to return the poker to players with big guarantee amounts on various buy-ins.

So far, 888Poker has managed to create an impressive ensemble of outstanding ambassadors including Germany’s Dominik Nitsche, Sweden’s Sofia Lovgren, UK’s Chris Moorman, Brazil’s Bruno Politano and Parker Talbot who is Canadian. The ambassadors will further act as team managers for their respective nations. What makes 888Poker’s ambassadors the best in the industry is their neat portfolio and their great reputations. For instance, Dominik Nitsche, who is a four-time WSOP bracelet winner also happens to be one of 2017s biggest winners after earning $4 million by winning the $111,111 One Drop High Roller, Parker Talbot is the most viewed poker star on Twitch and Chris Moorman is the world’s most successful online multi-table tournament player.