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The coolest online poker tournament will be back next month, as 888Poker launches its XL Blizzard series on February 6. The event will take place over the course of 11 days, and there will be 34 tournaments for players enjoy with over $1.4 million in guarantees.

Players with a wide range of budgets will be able to enjoy themselves in this tournament, and vie for the chance to win some impressive prizes. The smallest buy-ins are $5.50, and they go all the way up to $109 for the $50,000 events.

The main event of the XL Blizzard is always a big one, and it was made even bigger last year when 888Poker decided to reduce the buy-in to $250, attracting a bigger field and building an impressive prize pool. The winner of last year’s event was ‘RUIT.HORA’, who landed a prize worth over $91,000.

The full schedule for the 888Poker XL Blizzard is listed below:

Feb-6 $50K Opening Event $109
$20K Mini Opening Event $16.50
$20K Late Opening Event $55
Feb-7 $30K PKO $55
$20K Mini PKO $22
 $10K Late PKO $33
Feb-8 $30K 8-Max $109
$10K Mini 8-Max $8.80
$15K Late 8-Max $55
Feb-9 $100K Tune Up $160
$50K Mini Tune Up $16.50
$10K Micro Tune Up $5.50
$20K Late Tune Up $55
Feb-10 $20K R&A Event $33
$10K Mini R&A $5.50
$15K Late R&A $16.50
Feb-11 $100K High Roller $320
$30K Mini High Roller $55
$20K Late High Roller $109
Feb-12 $50K PKO $109
$20K Mini PKO $16.50
$10K Late PKO $33
Feb-13 $50K PKO 8-Max $160
$20K Mini PKO 8-Max $22
$20K Late PKO 8-Max $55
Feb-14 $30K DeepStack $55
$20K Mini DeepStack $16.50
$15K Late DeepStack $33
Feb-15 $30K 6-Max $109
$20K Mini 6-Max $16.50
$15K Late 6-Max $55
Feb-16 $500K Main Event $250
$50K Mini Main Event $33
$15K Micro Main Event $5.50

Leading up to the XL Blizzard from 888Poker, you’ll be able to take part in all sorts of satellites. These events begin online at just 1c, so anyone can vie for the chance to be a Blizzard online poker champion. If you’d prefer to just play one tournament to make it into the Main, then there are $33 buy-in events where three Main Event seats will be given away.

As always, the XL Blizzard is going to be an exciting online poker event. We’re expecting thousands of players to show up and take part.