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The WPT Borgata Poker Open has just concluded and we seem to have our winner. Erkut Yilmaz has managed to outpace 1,075 competitors, making it to the very top and earning himself a place among the winners. It has been a feat to admire and Yilmaz definitely has his own reasons to be happy. Not least of all the money he has won worth $575,112.

Yilmaz, a New Leader in the Making

Erkut Yilmaz definitely had what to worry about as he went into the WPT Champions Cup. Recorded 1,075 were facing him and he had to prove himself in a highly-competitive environment. But with $575,112 on the table, he never thought twice about giving his best shot and storming the very summits of the WPT Borgata Poker Open.

He was confident all throughout the race even if he had to deal with the likes of TK Miles, a fellow poker pro with an unapologetic attitude towards competitors of different stripe. Yilmaz kicked off the final day with a chip lead, but was quickly caught up by the ever-present danger of Miles who replaced him briefly as the leader.

Alas, he couldn’t hold onto his newly-found headway and it was Yilmaz to eventually kick back into higher gear and claim the prize. As a result of his freshest victory, Yilmaz’s own winnings have now swollen to well over $1 million.

The Also-Run and Their Results

There have been quite a few names to actually win a substantial cash prize for the Borgata pow-wow. The aforementioned TK Miles did exceptionally well and if the cards had favoured him a bit more, he could have won the entire competition. Nevertheless, second place was not too bad a standing for him, especially when he took $383.399 with him home.

Third place went to another hopeful, Oleg Shnaider who managed to conclude the race with $211,562 to his name in freshly-won money. The other three competitors also left their mark on the table.

What Happened at the Final Table?

One of the most promising competitors was Imsirovic who faltered early in the competition and was latter relegated out of the competition, gentlemanly courtesy of John Lakatosh.

Lakatosh definitely had a reason to be happy, having dealt with one of the strongest competitors at the felt, but his joy was short-lived. He was eliminated along with another top-dog, namely Chris Grove.

Anthony Maio seemed to be one of the strongest competitors at the final table too, and most notably, it had been the third time Maio made it to Borgata’s final action. And yet, he couldn’t quite sustain his game and ended up losing to Austin Wentling

The rest of the action was down to Yilmaz and Miles to settle. A clash of true poker pros, one perhaps sporting a lesser profile than the other. The victory of Yilmaz, though, clearly demonstrates that poker is all about skill and nothing about reputation.

For additional information about the now concluded Borgata event, do visit the official schedule.

Meanwhile, as it turns out, new names join the game every day and they do bag a significant amount of money I the process with Yilmaz being one of those names.