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PartyPoker is one of the leading online poker providers in the world, so it’s interesting that the site has yet to go live in America’s biggest gambling destination. However, the brand may soon be available to residents of the City of Sin, as rumours are circulating about PartyPoker potentially making itself available in Nevada’s gambling market.

The news first came to light after BetMGM sent out an email to its players about a bonus. It read:

“Sign in to, make a minimum deposit of $50 or more and earn a minimum of 25iRewards Points by playing cash games or tournaments during the promotion period. Once qualified, an online entry into the PartyPoker US Network $250K Freeroll will be added to your online account”.

The phrase that really piqued the interest of poker players is “PartyPoker US Network”. At the moment, PartyPoker only operates in New Jersey – so, the phrase “US Network” implies that other states will be in the market.

Players quickly narrowed down which other states this could include. Firstly, West Virginia and Michigan have only recently legalized online poker, so they can’t possibly be in the position to be working with PartyPoker. Pennsylvania is also out of the question, as GVC (PartyPoker’s parent site) hasn’t had its license cleared yet.

So, that leaves Nevada. The case for the state is also strengthened by the fact that GVC obtained clearance to operate within the state. So, it is very likely that Nevada is the state that PartyPoker will be planning to enter next.

Yet to Be Verified

There has been no official word from PartyPoker. The company has yet to make a statement about whether or not it will be going live in Nevada.

Currently, the only person to even tangentially address the rumours is Adam Greenblatt, the CEO of PartyPoker’s US parent company, Roar Digital. Recently, he stated that going live in Nevada “isn’t a short-term priority”.

It will likely be a while before we hear anything official from PartyPoker or any of its associated companies. However, that hasn’t stopped players from being hopeful about the brand’s expansion across the United States. We’ll certainly be monitoring the situation, and will let you know as soon as PartyPoker makes any announcement about entering Nevada or any other states.