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Vanessa Selbst has announced her retirement from professional poker. She has named several reasons for her departure from poker. Among those reasons are her wanting to start a family and settle down.

Since Black Friday it has become very difficult for a professional poker player to make a living playing poker in America due it being banned in most states. The only options that exist are to either move abroad or travel extensively to participate in tournaments. She stated on her Facebook page that moving abroad was not an option at this time in her life and that she does not want to take on a rigorous travel schedule.

Vanessa also stated that she no longer wanted to be an ambassador for poker anymore, or promote it. She doesn’t believe that poker is very rewarding for young amateurs anymore and that it was becoming harder for amateurs to enter into professional poker.

There are various other reasons for Vanessa Selbst’s departure from poker that she mentions on her Facebook page.

Future Plans for Vanessa

Selbst took a two-year hiatus to study law at Yale Law School. Since completing her degree she has established a foundation called Venture Justice, which funds various projects that fight against racial justice and economic equality, government authority abuse and police misconduct, and she serves the board of Urban Justice. Vanessa is looking to continue fighting for the civil rights of all with other organizations.

Vanessa Selbst has mentioned that she has been with a hedge fund for a few months, but has not mentioned her future there. She plans to follow in her mother’s career path.

Selbst’s pro Poker History in Brief

Back in 2007, Vanessa Selbst started playing poker online and in live shows. In 2010 she won two tournaments and got fourth place in another. 2011 was also a good year for her as she made waves once again. Selbst has been on the Pokerstars Pro team for years playing under the name V. Selbst. She has won a lifetime total earnings of nearly $12 million.

Unlike other professional players that have retired from professional poker and returned shortly thereafter, Vanessa Selbst appears to be serious about her retirement. Even though she will be retiring, she will still be participating in poker tournaments as a hobby.