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One of the largest tournament hosts in the poker world, Unibet, has said “Yay!” to bringing back a beloved event, the Unibet Open, and once again, the competition will be held in Romania.

Unibet Open 2019 Reunites with Romania

A flagship tournament host and gaming agency, Unibet has carved a name for itself in the world of poker. Their social media is filled with news about tournaments, videos from events, and a strong push towards the inclusion of more female poker players at the highest level of competition.

Unibet now wants to give everyone a chance to continue playing even if they suffer a defeat, and the upcoming Unibet Open 2019 will do just that, allowing players to keep going. There will be, as it is, a way around it. The venue of the competition is not Bucharest as you might expect from previous editions.

Unibet is taking everyone skiing. The event will be held at the Sinaia Ski Resort from February 12 through February 18 and the company will work with another local champion of the game, PokerFest Romania, which is Unibet’s official partner for the Bucharest Series.

Unibet’s Nataly Sopacuapery, who is in charge of all upcoming events, said the choice of venue resonates with the expectations of players and it also gives them something different than poker to do, creating tighter community bonds.

So far, Unibet has revealed several details about the tournament itself, other than the place and time. The Main Event will feature a $1,250 buy-in and for those who enjoy competing for bigger sums, they will still have an opportunity to have a go at the $2,500 high roller competition.

Unibet’s partners from PokerFest has also touted some of the advantages of the locations, explaining that it was accessible. The CEO, Sorin Constantinescu, also described Romania as a destination that is well within reach and commented on the prices of transport, explaining that flying to and from Romania was budget-friendly.

The February festival in Sinaia will be exactly this: hot poker action in an old historical city and also one of the most renowned and splendid Romanian mountain resorts. – Constantinescu

He didn’t miss an opportunity to comment on the ambiance on the entire event, highlighting the clear cultural experience for everyone.

Meanwhile, it’s worth reminding that Unibet has been involved heavily with poker. This includes a female-only festival, but also regular on-site competitions, allowing aspiring professionals to hone their skills. Events run from Bucharest to Copenhagen, allowing for a lot of localized poker action.

Unibet’s most famous pow-wow in Romania, remains, of course, the Bucharest Open Series, which is rightfully called “the most exciting tournament in Europe” and rivals events such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Europe.

Meanwhile, Unibet continues to be present on the poker’s roadmap. A recently concluded tournament in Belgium saw Christophe De Meulder blast his way through the Main Event in the Belgian Championship.

One of the unique traits of Unibet as a host is that it manages to bring local competitions all around Europe and give them truly considerable dimensions.