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Half a decade after the launch of its own online poker platform, Unibet Poker is on the verge of achieving yet another major milestone, that is, the poker operator is gearing up to deal its one billionth hand. This is a pretty big deal especially because it is an indicator of the rapid growth of the online gaming platform. To celebrate this achievement, the company plans to treat its customers to some very lucrative deals and promotions. These promotions are definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the poker site.

Initially, Unibet Poker operated as part of the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). However, in March 2014, the platform switched to its own stand-alone online poker client and nine months later it had dealt a total of 100 million hands. By June 2017, Unibet Poker had dealt a total of 500 million hands and by February 2019 it had reached a whopping 900 million hands. Now, the company is set to hit its one billionth hand sometime in July 2019 and to celebrate this, the poker room will be running a decent number of value-packed promotions throughout the month.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved at Unibet Poker and excited that we are about to deal the billionth hand. This is an incredible milestone in just five years, and we look forward to rewarding a huge number of players on the day, especially the player who wins the hand. We can’t predict the exact moment the hand will be dealt but it’s obviously in player interests to be playing on the site over the next few weeks!” Kristoffer Bergvall, Head of Unibet Poker, said.

The Promotions

In addition to the exciting host of prizes that await players during the month, Unibet Poker will be awarding an extra €1,000 to the winner of the billionth hand. This €1,000 will be given to the lucky players regardless of the stakes they are playing for. Also, players who will be dealt with cards during the billionths hand will also receive €200 in cash. This particular promotion is open to all cash game players seated at pot limit Omaha, no limit hold’em and Banzai tables.

The online poker room will also be hosting a €10,000 Billionth Hand Freeroll which will go down two days after the one billionth hand is dealt. To participate in this tournament, the players will be required to have seen no less than 10 flops on the day that the billionth hand is dealt.

While these promotions are definitely a big deal, Unibet Poker has built a great reputation for itself especially because of the outstanding services it offers recreational players. Some of its most notable features include the ban on third-party software and elimination of loopholes that may allow “bum hunting”.