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So, the Unibet Open is raging at full bore. The Bucharest leg is definitely promising to be quite captivating. It has been so far. With €1,100 Main Event, many people tried to make it all the way to Day 1, but only 182 managed to earn themselves a spot. We can hardly fault the ones who made it. The action was breath-taking. Day 1 and Day 2 proved quite taxing.

Day 3 Is Upon Us!

Today, we are returning for Day 3. It’s Sunday, August 5, and the action is about to begin. All players can tout their €5,870 in consolatory prizes, but is this even enough? Not to the minds of the 17 players that are now priming their decks and calculating their enemies in the back of their heads.

No, they are all after the only one noteworthy prize – €103,060 in total prize money handed out to the winner. Wouldn’t you be tempted to take it yourself? We know the answer to this one. The Day 3 of the action is held in the known venue for the tournament, the JW Marriot Bucharest Grand Hotel. The facilities successfully capture the glamour so characteristic of the whole event.

Looking at the standing players, Anton Vinokurov seems to be comfortably off, well ahead his opponents with 2,930,000 shiny little chips. Drawing from his distinctive lead, Mr. Vinokurov will certainly want to apply pressure on his less-fortunate fellow players. However, he should be warned that there are quite a few pitfalls in trying to weigh down a bunch of shorthanded poker professionals. They usually gang up on you.

The Other Known Faces at the Felt

Mr. Vinokurov is now facing off opponents of varying stature. He has the runner-ups who are likely to compete for the titles breathing down his neck. Both Florin Elisei and Vitalijs ZAvorotnijs promise to be side by side with Mr. Vinokurov, with 2,485,000 and 2,1000,000 chips respectively.

At the time of the reporting, the event is 10 minutes past its starting time, as the schedule reveals , and the players are already gathering around the table in the hopes of clinching the Main Event title and the awesome cash prize that comes hand in hand with it.

Twitch will be broadcasting the event in full so everyone can tune in and make sure that they will get hold of the action as it unfolds right before their very eyes. Twitch has definitely been making a difference in the world of poker as well as other segments along the way.

The adoption of poker of content creation platforms, streaming services and even seeing the game’s crop of professionals turn to fans via Twitch is quite refreshing. The game is becoming a more open undertaking where users can benefit from talking with professionals.

These same professionals do promise to help everyone interested and committed improve their game significantly. A rare insight in the play of the big names of poker is now upon us. Oh, and we can also watch the Unibet Open events live!