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In less than a week Jason Mercier won hier 2nd WSOP bracelet. This incredible win was not even the best part.

Mercier already got hundreds of thousands of dollars by playing in side bets and he also ended 2nd two days ago in another World Series of Poker tournament.

In the $10,000 HORSE event Australian poker pro James Obst got successfully defeated by Mercier- what happened early this morning.

On the side bets he won even more than the official $422,874 from the $10,000 HORSE event.

Most probably, he won about $1 million.

The much-publicized three-bracelet bet he made against Vanessa Selbst and the two bracelets he won were both part of the bets Mercier booked.

In the history of WSOP Mercier’s run is already one of the most impressive performances ever with a first, second and first in three consecutive $10,000 championship events.

In his career, Mercier won five WSOP bracelts.

Chip Lead, Fatigue overcome by Mercier

Mercier had been playing under high pressure for long hours before making it to the final two in three consecutive events.

Mercier was in for a long night and halfway last night’s final table the poker pro seemed to get more fatigued than ever.

Paving the way for the heads up- match between Mercier and Obst, Nick Schulman, two time- WSOP bracelet winner bowed out in third around 1:30am.

Mercier had roughly 2,325,000 chips against the chiplead of 6,230,000 of Obst at the start of the heads-up.

When Mercier’s stack cut down to under 1 million the situation deteriorated even further.

Eventually Mercier defeated Obst in a hand of Limit Hold’em before taking over the chip lead in a rally of over more than two hours.

The finale table results are as following:

  1. $422,874- Jason Mercier
  2. $261,354- James Obst
  3. $183,779- Nick Schulman
  4. $131,519- Adam Friedman
  5. $95,817- Mikhail Semin
  6. $71,079- Jesse Martin
  7. $53,729- Yuval Bronsthein
  8. $41,384- Bryn Kenney