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The excitement from the drawing PokerStars Players-Championship (PSPC) is absolutely riveting. Not only because the event promises to kick ass, see some of the world’s top pros bang heads together, but also because the PokerStars Platinum Pass Adventure promises to make a happy man or woman out of one of the crowd.

No-one Would Say ‘Pass’

The Platinum Pass is a rather coveted item. It will secure $30,000 in prize money, $25,000 of which the lucky devils will have to use in the $25,000 buy-in event which will take off in the Bahamas in January. As buzz and excitement continue to build up, there’s no lack of competition either.

Whilst many people have been pondering satellite events as a viable option, it now comes down to the hallowed Platinum Pass. The majority of players are now homing in on this option with eyes firmly on the prize.

Enter Moneymaker PSPC Tour

Speaking of the satellite action, we ought to mention the Moneymaker PSPC Tournament. Praising 2003 WSOP Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker, the satellite event will offer pros a chance to dive right into the action, with an entry of just $86. Whoever manages to outlast the opponents will get one of the Premium Passes.

At the same time, you will have to attend the pow-wow in person. The qualifying events will take place all across the beautiful country of hours, including Stones Gambling Hall in California.

If you are of the type that enjoys beholding the poker action rather than trying to make it happen, that’s also fie. Run It Up will be covering generously for you with guest commentary from some of the heavy guns, including Jason Somerville and Joe Stapleton. In fact, even Daniel Negreanu will be showing up as a commentator. And we know what you are thinking – can’t we get Phil Helmuth, too?
The answer is a definitive no.

The Popularity of Twitch

If you think that the hype building around the whole thing has subsided, just check what our buddy Somerville has been up to. Somerville intends to use Run It Up to reward a single pass to a promising poker streamer out there.

But the poker twitch streaming contest is not the only cool way to get a foothold into the event. Not in the slightest You can opt for the Next Poke Brain, which is a brain teaser, which promises two platinum passes to go to deserving individuals.

If you have a flair for answering rather challenging questions about game theory and take on problems that will demonstrate your ability to think critically, then Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov’s game will definitely prove a thing you may enjoy.

A Final Word Indeed

In anticipation of the January 2019 event, it’s definitely absolutely thrilling to see that so many opportunities for players exist to get into a pricey event. Satellite events and passes have been the staple product of poker for a long while now. The simple answer is that poker rewards skill, because poker is a game of skill.