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Having been around poker for a while now you will certainly be apprised of the Sit & Go mini-tournaments that every respected poker room out there offers. PokerStars has decided to introduce a rather exciting Spin & Go variance, which promises to hook you up with a package straight to the EPT Barcelona or an EPT satellite event for as much as circa $560. If you fancy giving it a spin, as it goes, you can enter the Spin & Go specials for as early as $12! Mind that these numbers are just a guidance, as they are converted from Euros as the event will kick off in Europe.

The dust has barely settled following the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, but it is time to consider more high-tier poker events that are truly worth a closer perusal, even if the upcoming competition doesn’t have the same vibe to its name. Perhaps you have always dreamed about making it big in any of these competitions, and now you stand a fair chance. The EPT Barcelona may be a fair chance for fallen stars to rise again.

PokerStars are bringing a series of Sit & Go games that will have with a very low threshold to enter them. In exchange for $12 or €10 you can join any of the events and just enjoy yourself as well as earn a spot in the high-tier competition.

The Popularity of the European Poker

It may have pestered you for a while now, but there’s a reason why the EPT Barcelona is to date one of the most noteworthy competitions that take place in Europe. The history of the competition is positively staggering, too, with the event stretching all the way back to 2004. The potential profit is quite unique in its own right as well.

With the ten Platinum Passes that PokerStars is now prepared to dish out to allow you to attend the namesake Players Championship event, you will definitely find the prospect of joining the pow-wow quite tempting.

Winning the Sit & Go Games

If you are so lucky or skilled to outdo the competition with apparent effortlessness, you will quickly find the rewards that come hand in hand with winning the mini-tournaments quite promising, too! You may win a €5,300 buy-in that will go for EPT Barcelona Main Event, which in turn will be held from August 27 through September 2.

You may get your chance to join the race until August 19 as the games will be running all through that period on both the .eu and .com domains, making it easy for European-tinged and multinational crowd join.

PokerStars Keeps Adding and Adding

As one of the busiest poker rooms in the world, PokerStars has also tried to be a role model in its own right. The website has been handing out quite the tempting offers in various forms minus the bells and whistles. You can expect PokerStars to continue and be a lodestar in the poker community, helping others find their way to the summits of one of the most competitive and challenging games out there.