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Renowned poker operator has officially become the first online poker platform to unveil short deck lottery tournament with the launch of its 6+ Hold’em Spin & Go events on Thursday, July 25. Players with access to the dot-com client of the poker room are now able to enjoy the poker operator’s offerings and they can buy into the games from as little as $1 to a maximum of $100. While every player stands a chance of winning huge cash prizes, the players who will choose to go with the $100 buy-in are perhaps the luckiest since they stand a chance of going home with the $1 million first-place cash prize.

PokerStars’ 6+ Hold’em Spin & Go’s feature a fast-structured, three-handed, winner-take-all format just like regular spins and this perhaps one of the things that make it so appealing. Also, the prize pool is determined randomly when a gaming session begins with payouts ranging from 2 times to a whopping 12,000 times the buy-in. The game follows a Button Blind structure, that is, the player plays an ante while the button players an extra live tournament – cash games and tournaments use this same blind structure.

Moreover, the 6+ Hold’em Spins are charged with the same rake rate as the regular spins where the $1 and $3 buy-ins are raked 8 percent while the $15 and $30 buy-ins are raked 6 percent. The $100 buy-in which is the highest is raked 5 percent.

To top it all off, the 6+ Hold’em Spin & Go events have also adopted the online gaming operator’s newly introduced payout structure that is intended to lower the variance. In the new payout structure, the 4x and 6x multipliers have been replaced with 3x and 5x frequencies while the chances of hitting the 2x multipliers have been reduced. All the other multipliers remain unchanged.

Where to Play

As expected, there are concerns about whether the new game will be available across all jurisdictions. While this is certainly not the case, PokerStars has strived to ensure that it can be accessed from most of the poker-friendly jurisdictions that it is currently operating in. Some of the PokerStars jurisdictions where the game can be played from include places that have access the .COM, .NET and .EU clients. People in the United Kingdom, Russia, Belgium, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Romania will also be able to play.

Considering its rapid rise in popularity, short deck poker has been added to a number of other online poker rooms. Aside from PokerStars, other online poker rooms that have added their own version of the game include 888Poker and Partypoker.