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PokerStars made its entry into the Pennsylvania online poker market last week, and the brand is gearing up for the holidays. The site has launched its new Christmas Calendar promotion, which will surely get players in the festive spirit with a wide range of generous promotions on offer.

The Christmas Calendar at PokerStars will be made available to play via the Rewards loyalty program. As players take part in real-money games, they will complete their Rewards progress bars and be able to receive special Christmas chests in additional to the regular Stars Rewards chests.

There will be a wide range of exclusive gifts available in these Christmas packages. Players will be able to receive free sports bets, free spins on casino games, cash prizes or a piece of a Christmas key. Depending on your tier in the loyalty program, you’ll get more generous prizes. For example, players at the lowest levels will have prizes that range from $.25 to $1 while highest tier players can receive between $50 and $100.

When players collect three keys (in chests, they can find an eighth, quater or half of a key), they will be able to potentially win $1000. After they’ve collected their third key, they will have access to a different kind of chest with a generous cash prize available. The highest tier players have a 5.75% chance of landing their prize while players at the lowest tier have a .1% chance.

While the Christmas Calendar promotion kicks off now, and you’ll be able to start earning chests, you can’t open your chests until December 25th – for an extra special Christmas twist. So, if you’ve been collecting chests all month (you can earn a maximum of 1 per day), you’ll have a very Merry Christmas day.

Joy to the World

PokerStars’ Christmas Calendar promotion is available to real-money poker players across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as players around the world. Players in France, Spain and Portugal will also be able to earn chests – and, PokerStars will be giving away a total of $1.5 million this holiday season.

This is one of the most generous online poker promotions we’ve seen, and it definitely shows that PokerStars is committed to providing players across America with amazing promotional opportunities. It really is the most wonderful time of the year, if you’re a player at PokerStars.