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Phill Hellmuth and Phil Ivey are two of the poker’s best-established names. Their participation in the 2018 WSOP Main Event had been expected with the utmost interest. Alas, they have been both eliminated rather prematurely. Here’s why and how.

With 14 WSOP bracelets to his name, Phil Hellmuth is definitely a player to admire when it comes to poker. And yet, he has been able to rub many of his peers the wrong way. Most recently, he got into an argument with James Campbell over a hand, with Mr Hellmuth demonstrating some of his less refined qualities.

Cheers for the Dears

While some people were rather ticked off by Mr Hellmuth’s rudeness, which he himself describes as bluntness, there were those who sympathized with him as soon as he announced that he would buy Mr Campbell into the 2019 WSOP Main Event.

It was day three and Mr Hellmuth was facing Jans Arends. After a short few exchanges with Jans Arends, Mr Hellmuth found himself without chips, which prompted his exit of the competition. While regrettable, Mr Hellmuth’s elimination was something of an interesting social experiment, too.

According to Andrew White the Wynn Poker room erupted in cheers at the news that Mr Hellmuth had been eliminated. Similar events repeated themselves in the Bellagio poker, according to Scott Seiver, with the news reverberating across other locals and oft accompanied by a rather enthusiastic clapping of hands.

Phil Ivey – A Collateral

Phil Ivey may have fewer titles to his name, but he’s definitely a player who commands respect. As does his namesake, as a matter a fact, in strange ways. Mr Ivey was caught in a battle with Brian Altman.

Altman’s last year’s performance may have been somewhat of a disappointment to the player personally, but succeeding in eliminating one of the heavyweights of the poker world is definitely a feat that will put him well ahead of the competition.

He managed to overcome Mr Ivey as he had realized that his hand was too strong to fold, which, unfortunately for Mr Ivey meant defeat. Conversely, this could serve as a lesson on how not to bluff away one’s stack. Naturally, many players are now efficiently seeking how to get to the final tables of the WSOP Main Event in a bid to multiply their original investment.

Perhaps, the elimination of two of the main contenders for the title, Mr Ivey has won the bracelet 10 times in his career, may serve as an inspiration to the rest. However, it also signals that two strong contenders have made their appearance on the map, and while the Phil’s are not the first pick when players are sifting through opponents, anyone who can defeat them poses an equal threat.

Arguably even a bigger one as the playstyle of the newly-fledged pros is less known as they haven’t had time to put as many titles to their names. Determining the outcome of the Main Event would most certainly be interesting and we will follow what happens next keenly.