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PokerStars has recently unveiled a new insurance feature that will not only protect players from bad bets but also make the cash games even more exciting. Referred to as ‘All-In Cash Out’, the new feature was debuted on the online poker operator’s .NET play money site but the company reportedly has plans to continue to roll it out across its other platforms including in the .COM markets.

In essence, the All-In Cash Out Feature players in cash game tables to collect their equity in the form of cash when they are all in instead of having them play out the remainder of the hand. By so doing, the payers are able to receive their share of the pot according to their equity in the hand. This will, however, be accompanied by an administrative charge that adds up to 1 percent of the player’s equity.

Also, the cash out that the players will be able to take will depend on the probability that their hand will win the pot after all community cards are dealt. For players who decide to cash out, they will no longer be eligible to win the pot but they will be entitled to receive instant money without any risk. All of the players’ equity percentages are displayed on the table and this helps the players to know their chances of winning as well as how much they will be paid if they opt for the All-In Cash Out.

On the other hand, if all the players choose not to cash out and instead continue playing, the hand will play out as normal – the rest of the community cards winner will be awarded the pot. Fortunately, even when one of the players cashes out during a gaming session, the pot is not affected as PokerStars pays the players without taking any money from the pot. As such, the winning player is still set to receive a handsome payout.

Where to Play

The All-In Cash Out feature is currently available in just a select number of 6-max No-Limit Hold’em tables on the .NET facing site of PokerStars but the company has plans to roll it out to other cash gams as well. Some of the games where the innovative feature is set to be implemented include all of the operator’s No-Limit Hold’em, Six-Plus Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha cash games.

Also, as mentioned earlier, while the feature is currently accessible in only .NET markets, PokerStars has assured its customers that it will also be bringing it to .COM markets. All in all, there is certainly a lot more to come as the online poker operator has been working very hard to add new and exciting features to its gaming platforms.