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PokerStars has made a new stride in innovating the poker experience for everyone, with its latest game, 6 Card Omaha, arriving on the global domain and offering players an opportunity to play a slightly different, but equally competitive version of poker.

Meanwhile, a few markets around the world have got their own special twist and serving of innovation. In Denmark, players now enjoy a new lobby and as to Italy, PokerStars users can throw digital goods at one another.

The arrival of 6 Card Omaha, though, has coincided with the company’s decision to catch up the user base on a few matters of integrity and fairness and how the team works to improve the gaming environment for everyone on the website and its sub-domains.

Spice Things Up with Side Bets

Adding to the hype, PokerStars has introduced the “side bets” option only available on the .com domain right now, but definitely a feature that will most likely progress across other markets, depending on reception.

It’s not unlike PokerStars to quickly add and remove games and features in a bid to assess what the best new products would be. To place a side bet, a player just has to make a “proposal” on their turn, and the wager is placed on the next hand.

Is 6 Card Omaha Making a Return?

While PokerStars has never had the pleasure to run a 6 Card Omaha game, Full Tilt, the now defunct cardroom, was doing pretty well. As the name suggests, players will start with six opening cards instead of the traditional set-up of four.

The betting limits are quite generous to accommodate players from all budgets and background as well. The game is dynamic and it allows for a little more daring moves before the river.

Players in Omaha tend to out less frequently as they have sufficient information to decide whether a hand is strong and at least the first round of betting is quite entertaining to watch.

Touching up the Graphics

There seem to have been minor improvements around the websites across the global market. In Denmark, players got a new lobby, which is quite decent, offering a light layout and a quick navigation and filters to find the game you would be interested in.

Besides that, Italian players can now throw digital goods at each other as a sort of a poke and a way to touch up the experience. Previously, PokerStars introduced a pair of games back in November 2019, including PokerStars Tempest Hold’em and Deep Water Hold’em.