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  • Veronica Brill has won her anti-SLAPP case against Mike Postle
  • The poker pro failed to show up in court for the final hearing
  • He will now have to pay $27,745 to Brill 

Victoria Brill has won an anti-SLAPP lawsuit against Mike Postle, who will now have to pay her $27,745 after dismissing the defamation lawsuit against her.

Postle Refuses to Act on Defamation Lawsuit 

The Mike Postle saga is almost nearly over, and a year in the case is citing the name of a low-profile player who went on to win $250,000 in a series of games that some called “rigged,” the finishing line is already in sight.

Postle, who filed a defamation lawsuit against 12 defamators, including Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles, filed to dismiss the lawsuit in April, which opened the way for an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation) case, which was then brought on by both Brill and Witteles. 

Witteles anti-SLAPP case was already resolved with a judge ordering Postle to pay the plaintiff $26,982. In the case of Veronica Brill, the anti-SLAPP lawsuit was concluded earlier this month after Judge Shama H. Mesiwala ordered Postle to pay $27,745 to Brill.

The ruling is effective immediately because Postle failed to attend the final session and will therefore not be able to appeal the decision. However, the court did not specify how Brill and Witteles would seek to collect fees from Postle. The total now stands at $54,727 the pair incurred in legal fees based on how much time was spent preparing their defense.

Brill on the Trail 

Postle did not play nice after the cheating allegations against him were settled with some 120-odd plaintiffs. He immediately filed a $330 million defamation lawsuit, but this didn’t dissuade Brill. She raised funds for her legal defense and continued to stick to her guns, arguing that Postle’s performance at the Stones Gambling Hall has been highly suspicious. 

She even interviewed Postle’s ex-spouse. Brill was the first person to call out Postle for his “unorthodox play” and allege that the player was, in fact, winning by dint of some underhand strategy. The ensuing salvos of legal proceedings had both Postle and Brill on the offensive and defensive in alternating terms.

The recent settlement of the anti-SLAPP claim is likely to put the saga to an end, albeit Brill sought much higher legal fees from the defendant to the tune of $78,600. She may still try and appeal the ruling to secure a better ruling.

However, Brill said that she would be happy to proceed with eliciting payment from Postle to the tune ordered by the court. Brill will likely use the money to pay back to players who supported her and helped her defend herself, including Bill Perkins. The rest of the funds will be donated to poker player KL Cleeton and go toward the purchase of a handicap van.