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Daniel Negreanu is one of the world’s most influential poker players and, when he makes a bold statement on Twitter, he definitely gets people talking. Recently, he stated that he may not re-enter any tournaments throughout 2020, criticising the entire concept of re-buy tournaments.

This is a sentiment that many poker players have been feeling for quite some time, so it’s interesting that Negreanu has made such a public statement. It has resulted in a discussion in the poker world with many players chiming in to support Negreanu’s views.

Allen Kessler took a poll on the Bellagio 5 Diamond, a prime example of the kind of tournaments that poker players have been criticising. The event offers players unlimited re-entry until Day 2, and it seems that many members of the poker community aren’t on board.

While most players didn’t have an opinion either way, 29% of respondents weren’t pleased with the policy. Only 9% agreed that unlimited re-buys in the event were a good thing. It seems to be a pretty good representation of how players across the poker world feel about re-entry tournaments overall.

Players’ Views on Rebuys

While rebuys do offer players a second chance to land a big win, it can skew the field. Players who don’t have bigger budgets don’t have the same opportunity to make it to the final table while high rollers – who may not be as skilled – can fire as many bullets as they need in order to make the money.

On the other hand, there are some players who believe that re-buys should be allow in some cases. There are some situations where players have travelled a long way to enter into a poker tournaments and, if they bust, they should be able to have at least one more chance.

Negreanu has a solution, though. He states that it should be up to organizers to provide players with more opportunities to play in multiple events on a single day. Failing that, Negreanu suggested that players should simply play cash.

This is an interesting debate, and it is sure to have an effect on poker tournaments in the coming year. We’re eager to see if Negreanu will keep his word in 2020, and if other poker pros will follow his example in order to make a statement.