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Partypoker continues to make changes to its platform in a bid to improve the players’ overall gaming experience. Its moves in this regard have been turning a few heads especially since they have mostly involved massive overhauls as well as the removal of several hundred accounts that were apparently being run by poker bots. As mentioned above, the renowned online poker operator has been pursuing these changes in order to deliver on its promise of a safe and fair online gaming environment for all of its customers.

Most recently, the online poker platform has delivered yet another monumental change to its platform and this time, tournament lovers and Mac users stand to benefit the most from the improvements that came through a software update.

Enhancement of Mac Users

If you are using an Apple computer, there are a decent number of impressive and significant changes that you should look forward to. These changes are mostly highlighted by a new oval and racetrack table shape that features improved player plates. They allow the players to choose whether they want to see the stack size of the number of big blinds for each player in the player plates.

Additionally, Mac users will also be able to customize the table and the background thanks to the inclusion of a decent number of unique themes. Moreover, the players who use these kinds of devices will be able to change the look of both the front and the back of the cards – you can preview your customization in the updated themes section in the settings page. If you have been looking for a more personalized gaming experience, this is definitely for you.

One-Click Bet

Even though Mac users will be seeing the highest number of platform-specific changes, Windows-powered devices have certainly not been left behind. Windows users now have the option to enable the Once Click Custom Bet feature in the site’s global settings. This feature will give them the ability to click a custom bet which they will then be able to place immediately – the bet does not need to be reconfirmed by clicking the raise button and this makes the game much faster.

Enhancements for Tournament Lovers

Whether you are using a Windows or Mac device, so long as you are a tournament player, the new update offers some key information. Even though the site did away with Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) earlier this year, it has made it possible for tournament player to have data displayed. Some of the data will include the player’s position, the total number of players left in a tournament as well as the average stack in either big blinds or chips.

Furthermore, the update to the tournament has added a multi-color ITM and a late-registration countdown timer. All these are, without a doubt, going to really improve the tournament gaming experience.