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Michael Dyer is a tacit pro. He doesn’t draw attention to himself. After all, what good would it be to signal everyone his inexorable march to poker glory and give his opponents enough time to adapt their strategy? Michael Dyer has been preparing himself for an event such as the WSOP Main, and he’s dangerously close to notching up a victory.

The WSOP Main Event is now down to six players. It has been quite the exciting tournament, to be honest, and arguably the second-largest pow-wow WSOP has managed to throw down in its history. Come to think of it, it’s not surprising. With its 7,000+ contensters and the whopping $8.8 million on the side earmarked for the winner, the event stands as a hallmark the popularity.

And now Dyer is in the very spotlight. Various parties have shown interest in the Houston-native who now lives in Las Vegas and makes a living playing online poker. Nobody had anticipated his meteoric rise to salience, either. Speaking to ESPN, Dyer said that he was comfortable with playing at the highest level. In plain words, he was always trying to make the right decision.

A Playstyle Worth Cultivating

However, Dyer didn’t start in the mainstream. He moved to Las Vegas to play online poker and he was grinding at a steadfast pace, entering $1/$2 games and relying on nothing more than his prescience. He started small but quickly adapted his playstyle for the purposes of a large-scale competition, such as the WSOP Main.

Dyer couldn’t have attracted attention in the past, because most of the competitions he participated in fetched little to no money at all. An observer would say that he was playing the long game here, and indeed he was. Edging dangerously close to the $8.8 million pot is definitely praiseworthy.

However, Dyer reportedly took a decade to cultivate his style. According to people close to him, he has been playing for years, treating every game with utmost seriousness and not letting the side down. Even in his grind of the $1/$2 games, he was and remains a terrifying player to go up against, because he has a way of overcoming odds and quickly putting opponents out of their stroke.

His Own Two Pence of Mind

Dyer has the can-do attitude. He is said to have shared a thought with a friend, arguing that “dreamers of the night” are vain insofar as they prefer to dream about the things they want to achieve as opposed to doing something about it.

It’s this state of mind that has driven Dyer throughout the years helping him to hammer himself into an unstoppable poker player. Even if he fails to clinch the title this weekend, he will still come dangerously close. And with six players left on the table, he is already one of the most noteworthy players who has managed to spend years keeping to himself.

We will be following the WSOP final table with the utmost interest and report what happens on the felt.