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And so the World Series of Poker (WSOP) no-limit Texas Hold’em Main Event, held in Las Vegas, is behind us and we have our winner. The new man in the spotlight, one John Cynn is feeling head over heels at the events that transpired. What happens next, though?

Making a Splash in Poker

The WSOP has finally found its champion in John Cynn. The man native of Evanston, Illinois and resident of Indianapolis has managed to perform quite well in the final leg of the big event. In his own account, he felt “overwhelmed” and described the events as “life-changing.”

Adding $8.8 million in ready cash can definitely have this effect on a man and we understand why Mr Cynn is rather elated at the moment. Mr Cynn’s victory was not easy, but he managed his game well. At the moment his opponent, Tony Miles had lost, Mr Cynn jumped out of his seat, clasping his head as he did, reports said.

His victory was really emotional and his gratitude genuine. Mr Cynn hurried to his father and friends exchanging hugs and nervous laughs. He had had similar experiences in the past when two years ago he was edging close to the final table, but missed it and finished the Main Event 11th, taking $650,000 with him instead.

Mr Miles, on the other hand, didn’t take the loss too heavily at the news that he would be taking $5 million home with him He thanked his supporters and paid his compliments to Mr Cynn who too seemed to exude friendliness and familiarity with everyone present. Meanwhile, Michael Dyer managed to finish third.

The Event Itself

As we have reiterated on several occasions, the prominence and stature of the World Series of Poker are growing. The tournament has been drawing out larger crowds, and this year’s event had over 7,800 participants. All things considered, there were a few bugbears indeed and a few spats that could have sullied the mood had the organizers not handled the issues swiftly and justly.

Meanwhile, all of the participants committed as much as $10,000 to gain an entry to the event or had at least won their spot in through a satellite event. The Main Event may only had 7,800 participants, but the scale of WSOP had gone much farther. Overall, there were 123,838 entrants this year, which is a testament to the exciting prospect that poker has revealed before itself in much of the United States.

In one of his interactions with journalists, Mr Cynn took a question about how it felt to win in 2018 after he initially lost to make it to the final in 2016. He responded that it felt “different” and explained that he hadn’t expected either event to come to pass. Despite his lack of confidence, though, Mr Cynn had seemed to not let the side down, which won him a spot in the end of the competition indeed.

Poker seems to be well-primed for an explosive future across the United State. While the regulation is not yet cleared up, we remain hopeful for what’s next in store for WSOP.