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Hard Rock online casino has used the occasion of the debut of the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City earlier in June to push strongly for the legalization of a whole new aspect of the iGaming industry across New Jersey. It has been quite the festive ceremony with a fair bit to see, too.

iGaming is now expanding in ways thought impossible until recently. Well, this is an overstatement, as New Jersey has long been one of the most gambling-friendly states out there. However, Hard Rock’s bid may just speed things along.

Hard Rock Pushes for Hard Changes

Let’s first establish the backdrop. Even though spinning slots in New Jersey has been legal both at brick-and-mortar venues and online, it’s been illegal to provide customers with the opportunity to play at multiple video slots at the same time. Now, things are shaking up and New Jersey is finally conceding to let players experiment with multiple-slot play.

It’s been the courtesy of Gaming Innovation Group, which has just launched in the state of New Jersey. As part of their partnership with Hard Rock, the pair have elaborated a legal way for players to experience up to four games simultaneously while playing online. It certainly sounds like quite the victory.

A Sweet Victory

And it is. However, there are a few provisoes that stem from legal concerns over how much money customers “squander” this way. Enabling everyone to pursue quicker players is great. On the other hand, having customers burn through their cash at four-times their normal speed is not OK, and everyone is painfully aware of this.

Hence, people who want to play this way will have to do so in a considerate setting, meaning your desktops. The offer isn’t going to extend to the mobile segment, as research indicates that people tend to be a bit more spontaneous when playing form their smartphones or tablets, mainly because they put less thought in it.

The Implications

It would take some time to gauge how the change would reflect on customers’ bankroll. It’s perhaps fair to assume that if people play more slots simultaneously, they may have less time to focus on their game and just leave things up to the casino.

Video slot players are also a casual lot of players, so on the other hand, having multiple titles running may soon tire them out and they can close their session earlier than normal. Still, this will have to be compared to how much money has been spent.

Perhaps not many players know about the RTP, short for Return to Player rates, which usually favor the house by as little as 3% o 6%. In recent years, there’s been a stronger push among online video slot provides to slash the advantage down to 2%.

Playing four games at once, though, shouldn’t mean that you have to play all running windows for real money. Selecting practice mode is just as well. In any event, a new sort of social responsibility should be introduced. A good idea would be for casinos to offer pop-outs warning customers that they are exceeding the capabilities of their bankrolls.