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Gary Burks has done quite well by himself taking the RunGood Poker Series Main Event and adding a total of $41,519 to his life-time winnings. The Bossier City-based tournament was indeed an exciting affair. Here’s how Burks soared to victory

The RunGood event took place for a second place in Bossier City seeing quite a few contestants contribute for a total pot of $254,700. The six-day series saw a lot of hopeful players come and attempt to claim at least a portion of the respectable cash prize, but the attempts of most floundered.

It was up to Gary Burks to go after the Main Event, claiming $41,519 in the process and completely dismantling the competition. It wasn’t an easy win for Burks either. He had to face off 378 competitors and claimed first price after a gut-wrenching crucible.

Despite the stretched session, Burks managed to knuckle under and take out some notable competitors, including Pejman Niyati and Mark Burford who finished second and third respectively.

Burks Prods the Defenses

Burks did have a bit of scouting to do. In Day 2, he plunged into the $180 Deepstack event but was quickly dropped out of the race after running out of money. Then, for the Main Event, which commanded a respectable $575 as an entry fee, Burks had decided to give everyone a run for their money.

By the second day of the Main Event, clouds were gathering on Burks yet again, but he managed to weather the storm and arrive at a 550,000 for his total stack – still not a perfect result, but one that guaranteed him to continue and pursue his gaming efforts with a sliver of confidence in the very least.

After a while, Burks had managed to position himself perfectly. He had made it to the finals and was now starting at the last hand. Preemo’s 2,190,000 did give him some confidence.

Burks did what he does best – he good-naturedly went all-in replying to a 100,000 big blind from Preemo. Preemo hesitated, but said that he couldn’t fold his hand. What followed cost him dearly and he was tossed out of the race.

Burks reportedly stood there and said to the gathered players that it was how he had won his 2011 Bossier City WSOPC. Perhaps you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but as it turns out– sometimes it’s not entirely necessary to even try.

Bossier City’s Competition Continues

Shaping up as an excellent place to hold poker events, Bossier City is likely to continue and develop poker. Although no immediate plans have been announced the return of the event is itself an indication that poker could very likely be a permanent member of the city’s gaming scene.

With the Main Event, RunGood Pro Bounty, and DeepStack events which were featured this year, there is leeway for further growth. All that is needed is for hosts and local players to look for a broader reach.

Beyond the 374 players that signed up this year for the Main Event, there are armies of untapped potential players that will be joining further down the road.