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The World Series of Poker is the most prestigious event in the professional poker world, and Player of the Year is a coveted title. This year’s race has been an exciting one, and Daniel Negreanu has just thrust himself into the Number 1 spot. If he manages to hold on, this could be the third time that he wins POY – an incredible achievement in the world of poker.

The World Series of Poker Europe is currently taking place, and Negreanu has had a great time so far. While he hasn’t placed first in any of the events, he managed to snag sixth place in the €25,000 Mixed Games Championship – which is exactly where he needed to land in order to push him to the top of the Player of the Year leaderboard.

While his last bracelet win came in 2013, Daniel Negreanu continues to be one of the world’s most successful poker players. He has six WSOP bracelets, and has cashed in 133 events. Recently, he has launched his own Masterclass series, helping other poker players learn the game.

He last won the WSOP Player of the Year title in 2013 – the year that he managed to win the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event at the Asia Pacific World Series of Poker as well as the €25,600 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller at the WSOPE. 2004 was the first time he won WSOP POY, when he won the $2,000 Limit Hold’em event for $169,000.

Since the WSOPE started earlier this month, the POY race has been very close. When the event started, Robert Campbell was in the lead, but lost it to Shaun Deeb for a couple of days. Eventually, he regained the position when he made it to the final table in the €25,500 Platinum High Roller No-Limit Hold’em event.

The Main Event is currently on, and winners of these types of tournaments tend to provide players with over 1000 points. So, anyone in the top 15 places on the POY list could end up with the final honour. The current Top 10 is:

1. Daniel Negreanu: 3,971.54 points
2. Robert Campbell: 3,857.97 points
3. Shaun Deeb: 3,710.64 points
4. Phillip Hui: 3,186.17 points
5. Daniel Zack: 3,126.13 points
6. Dash Dudley: 2,799.44 points
7. Chris Ferguson: 2,790.42 points
8. Phil Hellmuth: 2,742.43 points
9. Anthony Zinno: 2,718.15 points
10. Asi Moshe: 2,685.53 points