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9Stacks CEO Sudhr Kamath’s latest forays with poker in India may have been rather belated looking at poker in general, but they are just on time when considering the nascent competitive industry in India. Running his company 9Stacks with a number of like-minded people, Kamath is looking to make a difference in the fortunes of the game in India.

9Stacks in India – The Whole Story

Kamath’s brainchild, 9Stacks, has been quickly soaring in popularity becoming one of the most noteworthy poker portals in India. This is a feat in itself as India is not exactly known for its overly-accommodating approach to the game. However, the country seems to be ripe for online poker action, and Kamath is equally prepared to bank on this specific demand.

Speaking to a dedicated poker outlet, Kamath commented on how he perceived any future investment in the online segment in India. He said that it was a rare opportunity that needs to be seized and that would in turn guarantee excellent benefits for business and customer. As a former McKinsey analyst, Kamath has the flair for business that makes his pursuit in this new field a steadfast affair.

Kamath has chosen the best way to advertise 9Stacks, too. He has decided to completely revamp the poker room and follow in the foot steps of the best-established operators worldwide, including the likes of PokerStars and partypoker. Where the strengths of 9Stacks lie is in the readiness with which the platform will offer “innovative and honest promotions” along with fast pay-outs.

Of course, these are hallmarks of any good operator and they are not exactly cutting-edge. Still, living up to even what seems as simple promises is not always easy. In addition, Kamath will have to seek and comply with regulatory norms in the country, which could be rather more complicated.

Meanwhile, 9Stacks is doing well in its present form. Estimated $5 million are traded on the platform already along with three million hands played each month. These numbers put 9Stacks firmly on the map.

9Stacks Is Going Pro

Given the stellar performance of the company so far, 9Stacks could also benefit from professional investors and Kamath himself said that the portal will seek to expand the scope of its operations, particularly by adding investors. In December 2017, the company managed to conclude a successful Series A funding.

While poker in India may be under some regulatory strain, this hasn’t stopped competition from intensifying. 9Stacks is also aware of the contentious climate at home and is hoping to create unique offers that will draw the bulk of players in the way of its own poker room.

Most recently, 9Stacks ran a promotion which saw 25 individuals travel to Las Vegas and participate in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which were full of daily surprises. The team represented the country, and most notably the platform. It was a clever marketing move that saw the popularity gain an international profile and reverberate even back home.

Taking the game online will introduce a lot of changes that will easily spill over other segments of the iGaming industry as well, Kamath estimates.