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The news of the day comes from India where poker has recently seen a jump in interest. Even though there is still a long way to go, India may slowly be becoming a new hot bed for the game. The latest initiative is courtesy of Spartan Poker, a host and organizer of poker events.

Spartan Poker Arrives in India

Presently, The Spartan Poker (TSP) tournament is about to kick off in India, and the event seems to be piquing quite the interest. The event aptly called “The Big Win” will be available all throughout September and it will allocate a number of neat prizes, including a Mercedes Benz CLA. Naturally, the Big Win is not a one-off thing, with other events slated to completely transform the hesitant landscape for poker in the country.

Previously, TSP ran a tournament back in July, which was so successful that the hosts had decided to carry on with another one which we are witnessing today. Even if the tournament’s rewards are more tangible of nature, this has not been no curb to the enthusiasm of poker players.

On top of the Mercedes, the most skilled participants may also enjoy a Ford EcoSport, a Samsung Galaxy, as well as a fully-covered trip to the United States along with other neat incentives.

Because the hosts want to boost the numbers of poker players and attendees, they will approach the initiative a bit differently, offering a satisfactory reward at the end of each level. Overall, the inaugural Big Win tournament will come along with 10 levels.

Spartan Poker’s Vision of the World

Spartan Poker are coming into India with a vision. The organization intends to develop poker in the country for everyone. Commenting on the latest initiative, SPT Co-Founder Amin Rozani had this to say:

“At The Spartan Poker, we are constantly trying to introduce new competitions and challenges for poker aficionados to prove their prowess. It is of utmost importance to us that we provide a safe and trustworthy platform for our patrons. We are humbled by the participation and excitement of our patrons during the IOPC tournament, and we hope that the Big Win, which is promising to be an even longer tournament will be an exciting one filled with many twists.”

The commitment on the part of Spartan Poker is quite pronounced and good things are about to happen in India. Of course, the hosts aren’t going blind into the industry either. Various tournament under the Spartan banner have been running since 2014.

Following the success of its rake-based model, Spartan have transformed themselves into the most prominent poker venue in the whole country, drawing gamers from all states.

India still hasn’t got a pronounced industry that can merit events of the stature of the WSOP, but the county’s moving towards that goal. Located perfectly, India may cater to gamers from other places as well, bringing out the Pakistani poker pros to join the local events. Even then though, there’s still a lot of hard work to be done, before this may become a reality.