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Indian poker is beginning to shape up in a positive way again. With the arrival of Hippo52, the country’s still uncertain industry is edging closer to attracting larger crowds and gaining acceptance.

Spreading Poker in India

India definitely has a fraught relation with poker. The country is buzzing with potential and tournaments, such as the Matched Indian Poker League (MIPL), are a testimony to the growing interest for the game in India. At the same time, the subtropical continent is known to be a patchy place for poker. The Supreme Court has ruled against it, and while some events are allowed in specific states and places, the game is far from being given the go-ahead on the entire territory.

Now, a new up-and-coming card room by the name of Hippo52 will try to create even more opportunities for players out of the capital. The portal is the brainchild of Ultimate Gaming Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which will work with PokerHigh, a website dedicated to the game. The pair hope that they can bring their offer together in a bid to stave off competition and channel their joint efforts to recruit more players.

The Transfer Has Begun

Hippo52 has already managed to transfer its player bankrolls to PokerHigh’s system already and the merger will see as many as 1,400 users from Hippo52 joining the ranks of the latter. The companies expect that their merger will help them host more offline events across India as well, a segment that is developing, but still needs a lot of attention. Rather then restricting themselves to India, though, the companies will seek to host events abroad as well.

Both executives from PokerHigh and Hippo52 feel that consolidation can be the only answer to an increasingly competitive market.

According to PokerHigh Managing Director Mithun Rebello, joining forces with like minded companies is the next “natural step” in the development of the industry of the upcoming years. He’s not right either, with the latest entry of PokerStars.IN in the country.

Having collaborated with Hippo52 during multiple events in the past, we are now excited to work together as one unit with their combined expertise in offline poker and community engagement. – PokerHigh Manging Director Mithun Rebello

Meanwhile, Hippo52’s founder, Sumit Khurana, have spoken of the particular interest he has shown in the industry over the years, noting its exceptional growth. However, to be able to offer a better sort of product, Mr. Khurana believes that competences and practices need to be merged to yield the best possible product.

PokerHigh has been known as one of the most fun brands out there for over 3 years now, and we are truly excited to be working together with them. – Hippo52 founder Sumit Khurana

Although Mr. Khurana wants to focus on developing the industry, his immediate focus is not professionals, as the merged entities will now focus on “recreational poker players” first by providing new and unique poker experience that appeal to the customer base and can potentially bring new ones. And the pair have not been the only parties interested in developing the industry, with Poker Raj opening back in September.

Hippo52 and PokerHigh have collaborate in the past, working on a series of poker events offline and sending a select number of professionals abroad to compete in various tournaments.