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For the world’s richest poker players the national vote on June 23 appears to have become something of a betting opportunity.

Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage received a €1,1 million bet from ex- poker player Tony G and fellow Member. So, the bet was on the outcome of the referendum even before a single vote had been made.

G has been needling his peers at every opportunity ever since he turned to politics as a Lithuania’s EU representative after turning away from his beloved poker.

In a recent article by, G was named as one of the top 40 emerging MEP’s thanks to his outspoken views and brash attitude.

With his bet to Farage of €1,1 million  that UK would stay in the EU, the former poker pro certainly lived up to his reputation of tackling sensitive issues.

As UK elected to leave the EU, G is happy that that Mr. Farage didn’t take up that bet.

Tony G Straing Into the Fire 

When Tom Hall tweeted that he was intereste in a political prop bet, G jumped straight back into the fire on June 26.

‘Addressing his tweet to Betfair, William Hill, and Ladbrokes, high stakes pro Hall asked for odds on MEP Daniel Hannan becoming the UK prime minister within the next 20 years.’

As a figurehead for those who wanted out of the EU, Hannan has become something of a figurehead, despite being a relative unknown until the EU Referendum in the UK.

Hall must have had some sort of hunch as he is willing to bet £500,000 on the above possibility.

One More Interesting Million Dollar Offer

By tweeting :‘you’re set with me’, Tony G sensed the opportunity to take up against Farage again.

G accepted a bet up to the value of a million after Hall fired off an email to G with his terms.

While one Twitter user tweeted to Hall ‘go and have a lie down’, a couple of bookmakers wanted to get on to action immediately. The odds of the bets are not agreed on yet, but what it does show is that poker players are willing to place a bet on anything. All they need is the feeling of having that edge.