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The Wynn Fall Classic may still be over a month away, but we are already gearing up. And why wouldn’t we? The Wynn Summer Classic came with a prize pool that was rather more substantial than what we originally expected and that felt great. The tournament managed to generate $1.5 million in cash prize guarantee, a rather respectable sum.

New beginning for Wynn Fall Classic (WFC)

Wynn Fall Classic (WFC) is shaping up. With the event slated to kick off on September 26, the poker action will take place in the Encore poker room at Wynn Las Vegas. What better place to hold the event, really? The games will continue all the way through October 14, which will provide all players with sufficient opportunities to distinguish themselves.

Overall, poker enthusiast will be able to participate in 16 events with the prize money reaching nearly $2 million! The prize pool may grow further depending on turnout and contributions. Many players could want to start over after they have been eliminated and invest in another buy-in.

A high-roller event will be held as well, which is quite the custom for big poker meet-ups. The $3,200 High Roller tournament will start on October 10. Meanwhile, all NLHE games will be in the big blind ante format, adding a bit of sparkle to the overall gaming that is about to take place.

A Look at the Events

The Championship Event itself will be $1,600 tournament, which is a rather pricey entry fee, but given that the guaranteed prize pool is $500,000, more players could be inclined to cough up for the entry fee. As to this particular competition, we will see it take place on October 12 and October 13 with levels stretching to 45 minutes the first day and 60 minutes the second day. The final day will come with 75-minute levels.

The event has traditions and having run for a few years now, statistically relevant data is available. Last year, we saw 3,000 people sign up and play, pushing the prize pool to $1.9 million, it’s expected that this year will be $1.8 million, although some are speculating it could hit $2 million based on better turnout. The 2017 Championship Event’s guaranteed prize money went up to $650,000.

Playing the Best Events

Those attending will be interested in the events with prize pools of $250,000 in guaranteed money. Of course, the entry-fee may be slightly higher for these events, varying between $545 and $1,020. Nevertheless, there are events with guaranteed $50,000 in awards, and those are far more accessible than the high-roller events.

The list of famous players who have participated in the previous poker fray before includes Matt Affleck who added $139,300 for his first-place prize. Keith Ferrera, Jon Turner, Tyler Patterson, and Kenna James all participated in the Championship event in 2017 and made it to the final table.

It’s not yet confirmed if these players will be joining for the new version, but there are good chances they will make an appearance. Whether we will see them reach the first places is another matter altogether. The event is kicking off in less than a month!