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The World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event kicks off today, July 2! WSOP is now the world’s oldest competitive pow-wow in poker that has been running since the early 1970s. Players will be flocking to compete for a hearty bite of the prize. All competitions begin at 11 AM with players flying in from all over to try their luck and hopefully their prowess at clinching one of poker’s most-desired distinctions!

The time between now and July 14 will be full of excitement and buzz and if you are visiting in person, you will be able to see some of the heavyweights of the poker community strutting nonchalantly around the place. Chan, Raymer, Negreanu and dozens more! The four poker room will host the most-intense competition for nearly two weeks.

The Day is Upon Us

It’s definitely interesting to examine the statistics such as they are. First, we ought to start with the statistics. In 2017, WSOP managed to attract almost 121,000 people across all its 74 events. The tournament also managed to dish out $231 in financial incentives that season and almost all countries around the globe had their representatives.

This year’s event will start with 50,000 chips. Every leg will continue for 120 minutes. Completing one level means that players will get a brief respite for 20 minutes. The dinner break will take another 60 minutes and hopefully see everyone cheered up again.

Get in on the Action if You are a Viewer

If you want to watch the event, but don’t feel like sacrificing two weeks to attend in person, you may as well rely on PokerGO and ESPN for this. Both services are quite capable to bring you a live streaming action right to your very fingertips. But just because the Main Event is upon us, it doesn’t mean it’s the only poker action worth waiting for. Around 60 events have already concluded so far, and they were all more than worthy of your attention.

After the WSOP Main pow-wow, you can still enjoy other interesting competitions, including the Big One for One Drop with a set prize pool of $1,000,000, which will take place right after from July 15 through July 17.

Looking at History

If you are keen on finding out who the potential new king could be, it may be worth to take a historic look back. At the start of WSOP in 1970, there were a handful of established players which were dominating the field. Johny Moss and Stu Ungar were among the players to win several times.

However, things have changed. With the amount of competition now coming in, it’s unlikely to see the same player make it to the very finals twice. You may say that it would be lucky if they did, but the plain fact is that the competition is exceptionally good and to expect to beat everyone all the time is unrealistic.

With the WSOP now upon us, all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Preferably through a subscription on PokerGO, or even Twitch.