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Following the world’s poker events can be a full-time job. There’s just so much to take in at first. However, we are here to make sense of the influx of information and lay it bare for you. The WSOP Circuit at King’s Casino is currently on, and quite a bit has already happened.

WSOP Circuit and the King’s Casino

This instalment of the WSOP Circuit has been on since September 20, held at the King’s Casino, Rozvadov. If your geography sucks as much as ours, then it would help to say that this is a small city tucked away at the German-Czech border. However, right now, the city is hosting the WSOP Circuit, which makes it of particular interest to us and gives us enough reason to defy any geographical memory holes.

From September 20 through October 8, poker players from around the world are flocking to the WSOP Circuit, which will then proceed with the big event – WSOP Europe, held from October 9 all the way through November 2, rounding up a really nice year for the game in the old world.

The rewards that will be coming along with the WSOP Europe are quite worthy of your attention as well. They include 10 WSOP gold bracelet and the over $14 million (€13 million) in guaranteed cash prizes, although this number is very likely to continue to climb. But those are hardly the only goodies that the events will hand out to those lucky and skilled gamers who manage to overcome the solid field of competitors.

Prizes a Many in the Form of Rings

The WSOP Europe may have the spotlight, but we’d be remiss not to mention the 14 WSOP gold rings available as part of the WSOP Circuit. This is reason enough for you to batten down the hatches and prepare yourself to launch a real challenge to all and sundry who think they can, as a point of fact, question your choices when it comes to picking you own WSOP events. This and of course the €2 million in guaranteed prize money that are up for grabs!

So far, one poker professional, Martin Kabrhel, has managed to show others what skill can buy you. In this case, it’s the WSOPC €299 Opening Event Ring #1. Overcoming as many as 846 people, the measly €54,000 swelled to €300,000 making Kabrhel one very lucky and happy player indeed! Kabrhel’s life-long winnings stand at almost $4 million now.

And now all eyes are on the big prize. We are talking about the WSOPC €1,650 Main Event, which will allow all players of merit to join the €1 million competition. The true fight will break out on October 5 and continue through October 6. This seems like a short time slot for a main event to be taking place, but it is indeed what it is, and there are no two ways about that.

The back-to-back competitions, meaning WSOPC and WSOP Europe may definitely put some strain on players, but this is part of the nature of the game. Those who get eliminated early, may in fact be able to catch a breeder.